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How Do I Make Ad Revenue on Youtube?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
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Title How Do I Make Ad Revenue on Youtube?

I am looking for step by step instructions on how to make money from adverts on YouTube videos.

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Tuwaze Mawazo

How Do I Make Ad Revenue on YouTube?

YouTube uses AdSense to share Ad revenue with the users who provide the content hosted on their website. This offers a cheap way to make good money if you can generate unique and captivating multimedia content.

What are the requirements to make money on YouTube?

The most important requirement to make money on YouTube is an AdSense account. While it may be FREE to join AdSense you have to jump a few hoops to be eligible to participate.

Follow this guide to find out if you are eligible to take part in AdSense

Step by step instructions on how to make money from adverts on YouTube videos

1. Register your domain

2. Build a website or blog

3. Make sure the content meets the requirements for AdSense

4. Apply for AdSense

5. Get approved

6. Create a YouTube channel

7. Upload your multimedia content

8. Associate your YouTube Channel with your AdSense account

9. Market your channel and build a good following.

10. Keep uploading new and fresh content

YouTube revenue is remitted to your AdSense account between 1st and 15th of the next month.

You can withdraw your AdSense earnings once you reach the required threshold amount. Usually the minimum amount you can withdraw is $100.

Tools and Tips for Success on YouTube

Market your content

People will never find your content if you do not tell them that it exists. Remember that the more views you get, the more revenue your channel generates.

Create useful content

The content you upload needs to offer value to your viewer so that they can keep coming back to watch new content that you upload later on.

Create Unique content

Always work towards making something that is different from the existing content.

Do not plagiarize content

Never use somebody else' content without authority, YouTube will penalize you for that. You cannot add AdSense for content that you do not own rights to.

While it may appear to be easy, you will need to put in a lot of hours before the first payment lands in the bank. I always recommend combining YouTube Ads with Content Ads on your website or blog and find a way for your channel to lead prospective clients to your website where you can sell other merchandise to supplement your AdSense income.


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