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How Do I Market my Music?

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Asked by Micere
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Title How Do I Market my Music?

I am new to the music scene and would like to get listeners out there to know about and listen to my music.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Isaac ThukuWe all love to listen to good music but then not all of us are gifted with the talent to sing, write or compose music. If you are one of the talented ones, then put that talent to good use and make music that entertains, informs and brightens the lives of everyone that listens to it.

Your career in music should not end at the recording studio. You should strive to put your music in the stores and hands of every fan who listens to music in your genre. If you consistently market your music, your fan base and records sales will grow.

There are many ways you can promote your music, some are easy and some are more complex than others. It all depends on how far you want to go but I suggest you try all of the music marketing tips below to achieve significant success in the music industry:

1. Build your own Website

Register a domain that promotes your brand and get a professional website designed for your music. This is your music store front which is open 24/7. Visitors coming to your website should be able to: - Read decent biography about you

- Listen to your music

- Watch your videos

- Buy and download your songs

- Interact with you

- Book or schedule you for live performances

- Share your music

- Get the latest update about you music career, like when you are recording or releasing a new single. This will help you build hype about it and get more fans to listen to your music.

2. Take Good photos for social media

Most of you fans spend a lot of time on social media. Take good photos while recording, performing, selfies with fans while attending a function or hanging out with friends and post them on social media. Add music related hash tags which are currently trending and a link to your website or blog. These posts will help create a good following on social media.

3. Offer Free Downloads

These may not put any money in your pocket but allowing new fans to listen to your latest single for free will create a lot of goodwill for future releases. You can also come up free graphics for them download for their screensavers, desktop and cellphone backgrounds.

4. Work together with other musicians

Collaborate with other musician on performances, recordings and other activities like charity. This gives access to their fan base some of whom might like your music and buy. Point of caution, work more with musicians in the same genre as you.

5. Email Marketing

As your website or blog gains popularity, use it to collect email contacts from fans and use that mailing list to contact them to touch base or let them know you have upcoming gig, send them a sampler of your latest single or YouTube video. You can also use the mailing list sell your music and other merchandise related to your brand.

6. Music Blogs

These are blogs where members discuss what band, singer and song is hot is the market. They are the one that create the buzz. Here are the 20 most popular music blogs and having a link to your website posted there will lead to lots of awareness for your music:

- Earmilk

- Hypetrak

- Tiny Mix Tapes

- 2 Dope Boyz

- Resident Advisor

- Large Hearted Boy

- Stereogum

- Indie Shuffle

- Cruel Rhythm

- Rap Radar

- Your EDM

- Hype Machine

- Dancing Astronaut

- EDM Sauce

- Drowned in Sound

- Ad Hoc

- Fake Shore Drive

- All Hiphop

- The Line of Best Fit

- Pitchfork


- The Wild Honey Pie

7. Music B2B marketing

Music, much as it is entertainment is a business like any other. To make money in the music business entrepreneurs need to treat as such. Make some time to make calls and schedule meetings with event organisers, radio stations, TV channels, djs, other musicians who are more established than you and webmasters to websites covering your genre.

8. Gigging

Gigs are a very important part of your music journey because they put you in front of a live audience. It also allows you to perform inform of other musicians' audience and chances are some will like your music and buy. When you are at the gig, carry copies of you music and merchandise to sell to fans if the organisers allow it. Use the venue to meet fans face to face and interact.

9. Links and website where you can promote and sell your music

- Wix Music

- PayLoadz

- Soundcloud

- Last.fm

- Reverbnation

- YouTube

- ONErpm

- Emubands

- Rdio

- TuneCore

- Reddit music

- Overplay

- Apple Music/ITunes

- INgrooves

- Twitter Music

- The Orchard

- CDbaby

Titus KamauOnline marketing would help you a lot. Try Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Myspace etc2013-10-15

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