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Where can I get a User manual for 2BOOM GO Portable Wireless Speaker BT422

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Question
Title Where can I get a User manual for 2BOOM GO Portable Wireless Speaker BT422

Model: BT422

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Isaac ThukuPrecautions
For the proper use of the speaker and to ensure the good performance please read carefully and follow the tips below:
Please keep at room temperature environment for the use of this product
Please do not expose this product to rain or wet conditions
Please do not drop, falling to avoid damage to the product
Please do not disassemble to repair or modify the product yourself
Built-in polymer lithium battery, do not discard or set to fire to prevent danger
Bluetooth Maximum recieving distance of 10 meters
Hands free Bluetooth Phone
MP3 player
FM Radio FM radio, searching station automatically for one press
Audio Input AUX audio input interface, easy to connect computers, digital music players, cell phones and other audio devices.
Built-in battery Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, with protection board
On/Off Long press the button ON or OFF the unit
2BOOM Speaker mode / Pause
Short press: To play/ pause
Long press: To switch music mode, radio mode, Bluetooth
- : Decrease volume / previous track
Short press: previous song in U disk / Bluetooth mode
Long press: To decrease the volume. Hearing alert when volume is in lowest level
+ : Increase volume / Next track
Short press: For next song in U disk / Bluetooth mode
Long press: To increase the volume. Hearing akert when volume is in max level
DC 5V: Charging port
USB: Insert U disk to play
AUX: Directly plug audio cable to connect conputers, digital music players, cell phones and other audio devices
Bluetoith Mode
Turn on the unit, use yoyr mobile phone etc. device search, select "2BOOM-BT422" , connect and pair to it . You will hear a short prompt when speaker is successfully connected
Note: The speaker will automatically reconnect to the last Bluetooth device it was connected to. If a previously paired device does not auto-connect, navigate to the Bluetooth settings menu on your device. Turn on the bluetooth feature and select "2BOOM-BT422" from your list of paired Bluetooth device.
Plug tge power cord into jack [DC 5V] the otherend of the USB into the computer's USB port, or connect a standard 5V 500mA charging interfaces, red light wil be on when charging
The speaker built in overcharging protection circuit can keep connected to a computer port or charger for a long time, the battery will be fully charged for 3 hours. Playing time is up to playing volume.

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