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Why is SEO Necessary?

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Title Why is SEO Necessary?


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Isaac Thuku

Why SEO is Necessary?

It is important that individuals understand the functionality of search engines. The key objective of working with search engines is that you will have a better ranking thus being able to reach out to more people online. Search engines work with the use of relevant keywords. Better ranking comes with several other benefits.

After designing your website, the next thing would be to include relevant content. It is important that all content be written in accordance to search engine requirements. This will ensure that you reach out to your target consumers. You will be able to communicate effectively so your target consumers are able to understand what your website is all about as well as your products and/or services. This ensures that you are always communicating to those who need your products and/or services rather than the global market.

Search engine optimization offers great benefits. This is because; the higher you rank with your specific keyword, the more traffic you get for your website. In turn, depending on your key objective, it will translate to better sales.

Keep in mind that more than fifty percent of organic search traffic ends up in the top 3 listings when searching online.

Your website will receive less traffic if you rank lower on Google search engines. Your key objective should be to appear on the first page and even better at the top of the first page. This way, you will be able to reach out to your target market thus making it easier for them to find you and what you have to offer.

SEO Important Factors

One key factor is that search engines can read Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) texts very well. This is a key consideration considering that many websites are designed with this. Many a times, you will be viewing content, images, as well as videos but what many do not know is that they were created by HTML coding.

Anytime you will be including content such as a video, image, or even an audio file, you are required to ensure that it is adequately labeled so search engines can relay what it is all about as well as your target market. This goes a long way into ensuring that your web page is not indexed. Indexing ranks you poorly and your marketing effort goes to waste, as individuals will assume that your web page does not provide what they need.

While you are focusing on obtaining as much traffic as possible, it is important that you only obtain relevant traffic. You do not want people who do not need your products or services viewing your page, as they will not add any value. They will simply leave the page with nothing to offer you. The bottom line is capturing the right traffic with the aim of increasing sales.

The above factors play a key role in ensuring that you attract the right traffic to your web page. The number of views should reflect on the sales change as well or you are probably going to end up frustrated. With this in mind, you will be able to create a website that will meet your overall objectives.

N/B: For those who are not sure of how to identify relevant SEO content, you have no reason to panic. You can use WordPress that will help you to edit your content with the provided plugins. A recommended plugin is, Yoast SEO, which highlights the relevant places to insert your keyword as well as edit given descriptions where necessary. Even better, it will indicate where you need to make important adjustments to help improve your SEO.

Search Engine Ranking Factors to Consider

1. Use of SEO-friendly URL

URLs provide a hint of what your site is all about. In this, it should be straight to the point with only relevant information. Information such as dates or categories should be eliminated. Keep it short and include the keyword to grab your consumers’ eye fast.

2. Use target keyword/phrase at the start of your post

It is highly recommended that you use your keyword or phrase in the early stages of your content. Even better, include it in the first sentence. Your target market will confirm that they are in the right page as soon as they access your content. This way, they will stay longer on your web page as well as get convinced that they need you.

3. Use related keywords and phrases

It is also recommended that you use phrases that include words from your keywords/phrase. The relationship keeps your ranking higher.

4. Have longer content

Longer content comes with the assumption that you will include your keyword(s) more often. For example, with the comparison of a 500-word article and that of 1000 of the same topic, you will find that the one with 1000 words has more of the keyword. In turn, it will have a better rank.

5. H1, H2, and H3 your keyword

Header tags play the role of providing subheads. Include keyword(s) in these subheads. This makes it easier to scan through content for individuals who need something specific.

6. Use keyword in the beginning of the title tag

Always try to include your keyword in your title tag. This is important for individuals as they scan your content.

7. Use of multimedia such as images and videos

The use of multimedia plays the role of keeping individuals on your web page. This is especially for those who get bored fast. This also boosts user interaction.

8. Use of outbound links

The use of outbound links helps you drive more traffic towards your site as it also shows that you are an active online user. Your ranking will improve as you link to other popular authority sites. In this, be careful where your link your site to as it has to be in line with what your site has to offer.

9. Use of internal links

A website comes with a number of web pages. It is recommended that you link content and pages so your clients do not seek for information from other sites. This will keep them within your website thus better ranking.

10. Provide a social platform

Include social sharing capabilities such as blog posts and articles. People will share your content and in turn capture a wider target market as well as are recognized by search engines.

11. Ensure you have fast web loading speeds

No one wants to wait forever when searching online. The better your speeds, the better you rank, as more people will actually access the pages and stay there.

12. Inbound links

When other sites link your content, you will be able to have more traffic even though they did not initially see your webpage. Depending on the keyword or phrase, you will rank better due to more traffic, which proves relevance.

The above points out why search engine optimization is very important for any website. You will be able to increase relevant traffic and it pays off for all your hard word.


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