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Product Promotion

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Asked by GURU Lwanga
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Title Product Promotion

Does a business require to do product promotion for its commodities? What are some of the various ways one can use to promote his/her commodities? Highlight ethical issues in product promotion.

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Isaac Thuku

Product Promotion

Product promotion is communication intended to tell, persuade or remind customers of existence of a product.

Methods of product promotion

Activities that aim at increasing the demand for a good or service include ;

Personal selling

This is where a salesperson presents a commodity to prospective buyers face to face with an aim of making sales.


This refers to any paid form of impersonal presentation of a product made through Mass communication media.

Use of Posters

Is a form of outdoor advertising media that may be used to advertise a product.Posters are easy to prepare and when placed in strategic places,it is likely to convey the advertised message to a large audience.


Here,the advertiser is required to write or paint the advertising message that is on brand so that it is capable to be read from a distance.

Electronic Neon Signs

Are colored lights which keeps flickering at regular intervals to attract passersby.They are attractive and can direct customers to where the services are rendered.


This involves conveying the advertising message through radio stations classifieds.It is accessible even in remote areas which may not be covered by other advertising media.Radio advertising costs vary from one station to another.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies are businesses that specialize in advertising work and are hired to carry out advertising functions for other businesses.Advertising agencies also help organizations to design their trademarks,logos and other advertising materials.

Free gifts

A free gift is an item given to a customer free of charge after buying a given product at a certain value.It may induce the customer the product and it also increases customer satisfaction.

Free samples

Unlike free gifts,free samples are given to customers free for trial.Note that this is an expensive method of product promotion.

Shows,trade fairs and exhibitions

Are events where producers or dealers in a given class,or brand of product are given an opportunity to display or even sell their products.Here sales people get an opportunity to show and explain various features of their product to customers.

Ethical issues in product promotion

Below are the don'ts you should observe when promoting your product.

- Cheating on permanence of the product.This has to do with expiry date.

- Cheating on ingredients of the product.

- Not disclosing side effects of the product.

- False pricing ,especially overpricing.

- Negative effects on the environment.

It has finally been noted that advertising is just part of the broad topic of product promotion .


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