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How Do I Get High Conversions from my Email Marketing Campaign?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
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Title How Do I Get High Conversions from my Email Marketing Campaign?

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Isaac ThukuEmail marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics to use. However, a lot of people do not seem to get the desired results. Instead, you might find that you have subscribers who keep demanding for more free content, some who do not bother to open and read your email, some with critical comments, and others who unsubscribe when they see a link to a sales page.

It can be hard to know what you really need to do to make your emails convert. Keep in mind that there is a lot that goes into an effective email campaign.

You can try ensuring your copy is compelling, your call to action buttons are great, or make sure your email campaign is structured for scanners, but what you really need is a webinar that will help you understand the fundamentals of high-converting campaigns and how you can optimize your emails before sending them.

1. Your campaign should entice people to action

The key thing about any campaign is to create a desire for your product within your customers. In order to get them to take your chosen conversion action, you need to show your customers the benefits of using your product. To create a desire to convert, you need to show people how your product/ service can help them to either gain pleasure or avoid some sort of pain they have been experiencing.

There are a number of ways to achieve this including:

- Use of beautiful imagery in your email campaign

This is very important in visually driven businesses such as fashion and food industries. When you use professional images in your campaign, it increases a person’s motivation to convert by increasing their incentive to own the product.

- Focus on the benefits of your product rather than their features

Help people understand how your product will benefit them. There are a number of copywriting formulas you can use to help provide a structure that will guide you on how to stay focused on presenting the benefits of your product. Some of the most common include BAB formula and the PAS formula

2. Your campaign should ease any discomfort towards making a conversion

In order for people to take your conversion action, they need not to feel anxious or uneasy towards making the conversion. Some people might have doubt that your product/ service is not reliable, some might have concerns that your product isn’t worth their money and time, while others may fear that purchasing your product is unsecure. For you to have high conversion rates, you need to provide the customers with security and information. Some ways to do this include:

- Show testimonials

Feature a few positive testimonials from happy clients into your email campaign

- Showcase customer numbers

These numbers will reassure customers that your product is reliable and safe and, can be depended on to do the task it set out to do. This will help address the concerns your customers might have about your product not being the right choice for them.

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3. Make your campaign easy to convert

Making your campaign as easy as possible to convert is one of the most effective ways to increase people’s chances of taking up your conversion action. Some of the ways to do this are:

- Use buttons that stand out

This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get customers to take action. Instead of just using a text link in your email marketing campaigns, choose a call to action button that will stand out. For the landing page, ensure you have just a single dedicated call-to-action button. It is even better to repeat this call-to-action on your email campaign.

- Remove any distracting elements

Use simplified designs without adding extraneous images or design elements. This will focus the reader’s attention on the news story in the email, driving them to read the snippets, which in turn will peak their interests to click-through to read more of the article. Simplicity will focus people on your call to action and help guide people into clicking then and converting.


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