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How Do I Build a Killer Email Marketing Campaign?

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Asked by Isaac Thuku
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Title How Do I Build a Killer Email Marketing Campaign?

How Do I Choose a Suitable Email Marketing Provider?

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Isaac Thuku

1. Make a clear plan

Set specific, measurable goals. The main question to ask yourself before building a killer email marketing campaign is;

- What is the main goals of your email campaign?

No matter your target group, have a definite purpose in mind when designing your next campaign; is the campaign to drive sales, to bring people to your website, or is it for sharing content? When you have a clear goal in mind, you will be able to design a campaign that will help you achieve it.

2. Build a contact list

This is one of the most important parts of a successful killer campaign. If you have an email campaign with great content, it will not help you much if it is not addressed to the right people. Build a list of customers who are likely to find your campaign interesting.

3. Organize your contacts

The best way to do this is to merge your ecommerce platform with your email marketing software solution via a plug-in or other available interface. The software will automatically synch your contacts, including their basic information as well as their purchase history and other important traits. When you have imported your contacts, it is time to start segmenting them. To do this, create groups based on shared traits i.e. age, location, purchase history. This will allow you to be able to send more relevant content to your contacts

4. Design a great newsletter

People tend to neglect the importance of the email subject. Keep in mind that this is the first thing your contacts will see in their inbox and it weights greatly on whether your emails get opened at all. Make your email subject relevant and let your contacts know exactly why they should read the email.

When designing a newsletter, there are key things to integrate into your design. They include;

- Ensure to place your most important content at the very top of the newsletter. Most people do not have the time to read through an entire newsletter so the first few lines are very critical. They should be direct, and short but at the same time informative

- Try to make your newsletter as personal as possible. Personalized greetings, product offers and contents can be very effective

- Have a responsive design. These templates ensure that your newsletter display on both desktop and mobile devices

- Include professional images – but not too many

- Use a lot of white space. Most people will not browse through a cramped newsletter design

5. Automation

Email marketing software offers a variety of automation tools. An automated campaign will save you time by sending campaigns independently, and help you send the right email to the right person at the right time! There are 3 types of automation campaigns:

- Trigger campaigns – They send campaigns based on your contact’s behavior such as customers who buy certain types of products, or any other event that can be tracked and uploaded into your email marketing software

- Lifecycle campaigns – These are campaigns set up based on personalized traits such as holiday greetings, birthday wishes, first time buyer, e.t.c.

- Retention campaigns – You can set up these types of campaigns where automatically generated emails are sent out to customers who have been inactive for a certain period of time.

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6. Analyze your data

There are tons of date offered by email campaigns that you can use to analyze and measure the success of your campaign. Analyzing your data is very important because here you will be able to see if your campaign is working, which parts you need to work on for better results, and more. Some of the data you can use include;

- Delivery Rate .Here, you can see how many emails arrived successfully in your contact’s inboxes

- Open Rate. How many of those people opened the email

- Click Rate. How many of the opened emails were clicked for more information

- Unsubscribe Rate. How many people in your contact list clicked on the Unsubscribe button

- Conversion Rate. How many people purchased your product or downloaded your service after reading the campaign?

- Clickmaps. This allows you to see exactly where within your email people clicked. It is very helpful because you get to figure out what kind of content is more effective for your contacts

- A/B Tests. They allow you to send different versions of a newsletter to test which one is more effective and the geolocating displays show you exactly where your contacts are opening your emails

I hope this webinar helps you build a killer email marketing campaign.

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