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Do I need a website for my new business venture?

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Title Do I need a website for my new business venture?

Is it necessary to have an online presence for my business?
Is social media a necessary evil for the modern day entrepreneur?

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Antony In this electronic era where almost everything runs on the Internet, a website would do your new venture a great deal. When the word ‘website’ is mentioned, your minds linger all the way to smartphones,browsers,tablets,laptops and all the latest technologies ever developed in this century. So, the question that many ask is “What is a website?” On my point of view, the term website can be described as a collection of company web pages that can only be accessed through browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox.

Why would you require a website for your new venture as an entrepreneur? A website is an exceptional tool that should be crucial as a great marketing strategy for your venture. It all runs down to advertising your core activities in your business premises and the products that you offer in the market for customers which will ultimately attract so many customers.

Of course, a website is a significant tool for marketing your business whether small or large, but you should also consider some other factors before creating the website for your venture. Some of the questions that need to run on the minds of entrepreneurs before creating the website would be:

• Can I afford it?

• How will the website return my investment?

• Is building a website the best way for my business to reach its target market?

• Are there other better types of advertising that would support my business better?

• How will a website support my business model?

Is It Necessary To Have An Online Presence For My Business?

The necessity of giving your venture an online presence means more than just putting up your company’s logo. It means putting up a virtual version of your venture with a welcoming message that is informative for your company. In this electronic era, almost everyone searches online for the products they require and some go to the extent of purchasing them on the online platforms like Jumia, eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.

An online presence is a pinnacle for marketing since it strengthens your brand and what you offer to your target market. It helps attract customers to your venture and the brands you offer.

Is Social Media A Necessary Evil For The Modern Day Entrepreneur?

Social media plays a vital role not only for the modern entrepreneur but also for everyone at this era. People log in into various sites such as Face book, Twitter, Instagram and view tremendous social updates from all over the world. An entrepreneur could take this platform as an important element to advertise their products and update on the main business cores that keep the business image infront of their customers.

Actually, social media is an angel rather than an evil for the modern day entrepreneur since the benefits that comes out of social media surpasses the disadvantages.


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