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Name Tuwaze Jogging for Fitness Company
Type Fitness
Description If you love the art of putting on your shoes and hitting the road for a jog. You should be a member
Admin Isaac Thuku
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Isaac Thuku
Week 1 is done and am not as sore. Today was mission day and fun. Pushing the tyre around the parking lot was an easy start, pulling it on wet grass was not fun. It encourages good team work which is a plus. We also did a lot of sprinting 100m each and stationary exercises at the beginning and end. Tried my best to run with a bar over my head, it was tougher than I expected. I can still feel it in my biceps and triceps and the skin rash due to wet grass wasn't as bad today. Need to work on my upper arms and shoulder muscles. The best part of it all is that I'm on break until Monday 5.30 am. Hopefully all my achy muscles will have recovered. Enjoy a fun-filled, super-active weekend.
Isaac Thuku
Today was all upper body exercises. Started with a mild jog round the parking lot and 10 push ups at the end. My sore triceps got more torture when it incline push up time. I barely survived those. Diamond push ups, I only managed 3 out of 20, something to work on. in the end we did bear crawl on wet grass, that may be why I got an allergic reaction. Not to worry though, a warm shower, one tablet of Claritin and am all better now. Tomorrow I hear it's mission day, can't wait to find out what the mission will be.
Isaac Thuku
Yesterday's session was cardiovascular all the way. Started with sprints, then a hndered meter run with weights, more sprints. I never thought that a tire has so much friction on wet grass. Three guys pushing the same tyre and we barely made it past 20 meters. The instructor said flip it from goal post to goal post and back so we took turns, that was much better.
More cardio; planks, burpees, fast feet, lunges, push ups, crunches,run up and down the spectators stands. At the end of it all my triceps hurt really bad.
Isaac Thuku
Survived my second day at Soldiers of Fitness, yay!! Today's work out concentrated on the leg muscles. My legs are sore like crazy and sitting down all day in the office is not helping matters a whole lot. I'm probably walking a little weird too. A pat on my back because I learnt new ways to torture myself and we'll see what tomorrow morning brings. Bring it on!!
Isaac Thuku
Ever done a soldier's workout?
For a change this month I am attending Soldiers of Fitness training. I'd been warned it's tough and this morning's session has me totally worn out. My triceps feel weak and I can tell my shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow morning. Either way, I will soldier on and be there for another session tomorrow at 5.30 am. Till then, stay active
Isaac Thuku
I've always jogged alone and found it motivating but did not know how much more motivating it is to jog with someone. My wife and I jogged together last night and it was fun chatting and encouraging each other along the way. Try it some time and let us know how it works out for you.
Isaac Thuku
Great jog this morning though it is a bit hot. 6k in 29:57:4. How was your jog today?
Isaac Thuku

Handy tips when going for a jog:

- Pick a distance you can job from start to end
- Set a pace the you will be able to maintain from start to end. I usually set mine with my breathing. I take two steps for every breath I take
- Find something to keep your mind occupied or distracted. I listen to my favorite music or set my mind on the new pet project I'm working on or some other issue tagging at my mind. This keeps you mind off the breathing and the toll the jog takes on your muscles. It also helps concentrate on one thing long enough to generate a solution, that way you kill two birds with one stone.
- Carry a stop watch with you, try and set the best time you can the first time you jog and improve on it with every jog after that.
- Last but not least, enjoy your jog, its a great choice hence should be fun. If you can get a partner to jog with it is even better for motivation.
- Happy Jogging!!!!
Isaac Thuku
If you jog for half an hour every day for a month, you would lose at least 5 pounds, your cardiovascular system would be healthier, your muscles would have grown and best of all you'd feel so good about yourself that every waking moment feels like a triumph.
Start today and contact me if you need guidance or any assistance. If you live nearby I could come join you for your jog.
Can't wait to see you after 30 days.
Isaac Thuku
Nice weather for a jog this morning. 6k in 29:12:7
Isaac Thuku
This morning I jogged 6k in 24:58 and it feels great!!!

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