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Name Tuwaze Freelance Writers
Type Writers
Description Are you a freelance writer? Then this group is for you. Members will notified whenever there is a writing job available on Tuwaze job board. Join today!
Admin Isaac Thuku
This group has 73 Members
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Isaac Thuku
Does anyone use Grammarly to check their writing?
Isaac Thuku

Are you new to Tuwaze Freelance Jobs?

Follow these steps and you'll be a pro in not time:

Go to the job board

Look for a job with status 'Available'

Click on the link to view the job details

Read through the details, make sure it is job that fits your skills and the deadline has not passed. If in doubt, feel free to contact us for details.

Click on 'Accept job' and the job will be assigned to you. It will be listed under your assignments.

Work on the job. Please proof read and correct any grammar mistakes and typos if any. Simple formatting is preferred, bold the headers and sub-headers. Double space between paragraphs. You can use bullets or just a hyphen for lists. If the client has requested images, please add a link to all the images included in your article.

Once the job is complete, submit the job directly on the job page or send it as an email attachment or both

We will submit the work to the client and the job status will be updated to 'Pending'.

The client may accept the job, request a revision or reject it.

If it is accepted you will be paid the amount specified on the order and the job will be marked as 'Complete'.

If the client requests a revision, we will send you a notification with the client's comments and the job will be marked as 'Revision' and the deadline is updated accordingly.

If the job is rejected the status will be updated on the job order to 'Rejected'.

If you miss the deadline or think that you might for any reason, please notify us by email, text message or WhatsApp and we'll try as assist any way we can. We are penalized real dollars whenever a deadline is missed so don't make is a habit. If the deadline is missed the job status will be updated to 'Late'.

Good Luck and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us

Isaac Thuku
New Freelance Job Offers available Tuwaze. Follow this link to view them http://www.tuwaze.com/Board/Jobs.php
Isaac Thuku
Long Term Writers Wanted . Apply if you are interested
Tuwaze Mawazo
Can you write compelling content? Can you get people to read your content? Can you get search engines to rank your content? Can you deliver a lot of unique traffic? Then start posting your content. Deal: $1 per 1000 unique hit. Rule: You cheat You lose PM me if you are interested
Isaac Thuku
I have 3 jobs available on the job board. Pick them from the job board if you are free and make some money today.
Isaac Thuku
Article job available http://www.tuwaze.com/Member/Job.php?ID=1285
Isaac Thuku
New Job Available on the job board
Isaac Thuku
Urgent article Click here to accept the job
Isaac Thuku
Hello writers, in bid to ensure that the writing service operate optimally, we are going to change the way writing jobs are handled. Please keep an eye on this board for an update. Thanks
Isaac Thuku
Hi, New writing jobs available on the Job Board
Isaac Thuku
I am looking for any entrepreneurship related articles and will pay $2 each for 300 - 500 words if the quality is good. The content will be published on Tuwaze.com with your name as the author.
Naomi Senda
Badly need a writing job. Bored today. Any available?
Isaac Thuku
I am looking for Entrepreneurship related articles. The contributor can include a link of choice in the article. Post the articles here http://www.tuwaze.com/Post_Article.php
Grace Odinga
I am up for more jobs
Grace Odinga
am up for more jobs!
Grace Odinga
any writing jobs?
Isaac Thuku
New Job -Article 300-500 words waiting on the job board
Isaac Thuku
Hey everyone you should upload your photo, we need to be able put a face to your name. I believe it is easier to socialize. What do you think?
Isaac Thuku
New Article 470-500 words to be written. Check it out on the Job board
Isaac Thuku
I need someone to write a UVO corp sample. Send me a message if you are interested.
Isaac Thuku
New article writing jobs on the board. Lets get to work!!
Isaac Thuku
Welcome Amos
Amos Odhiambo
Glad for joining the Tuwaze Freelance Writers group wall

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