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Name Tuwaze Youtube Club
Type Business
Description Tuwaze Youtube Club is a group to assist members grow their Youtube Channels by increasing the number of views and subscribers. How does it work? When you join the group please post a link to your youtube channel. After that we request that you start to subscribe to channels owned by other members and view their videos. In return, for every channel you subscribe to that belongs to one of the members, that member will subscribe to your youtube channel. The more you subscribe the more subscribers you get. This group is based on honesty and we trust each other not to unsubscribe from each other's channels. Good Luck making Youtube Dollars !!
Admin Isaac Thuku
This group has 4 Members
Tuwaze Mawazo, Isaac Thuku, Titus Kamau, Muthoni254 ,

Member Posts

Titus Kamau
Hi, this is my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Rusty95611
Isaac Thuku
Hi guys, my Youtube channel Tuwaze Mawazo . Please view the videos and subscribe. I promise to subscribe back to your channel too if you post it here.

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