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Name Tuwaze Entrepreneur Meeting Point
Type Business
Description The reason I set up this group is because, there are times as an entrepreneur when you need the input of a like-minded fellow entrepreneur on a project you are currently working on.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are very independent people and feel like when they ask question people may not understand them because they are not entrepreneurs themselves.

Now you can:

- Ask entrepreneur related questions here.

- Discuss your project ideas with other entrepreneurs

- Ask favors from other entrepreneurs.
For example if you need assistance with a particular task like market research, marketing, Business Plan writing or just feedback from someone working on a similar project. Ask us and we'll help out where we can.

- Finance you. Do you need funding for your project? Let us know what you are willing to offer in exchange for our hard earned pennies and we'll see if we can chip in.

- Hang out with other entrepreneurs and chat about anything not related to making money. After all we are people and we need friends too.

- Events. If you have an event that you feel would be beneficial to other entrepreneurs, post is here and we'll attend if we can.

There is a lot more we can do, it is just not coming to mind right now. Suggestions are most welcome.

Admin Isaac Thuku
This group has 8 Members
Isaac Thuku, Titus Kamau, Daniel , Edith Okemwa, Tony Mega, Tuwaze Mawazo, Kevin , Joseph Githinji,

Member Posts

Isaac Thuku
I would like to start a Mastermind club for the members in this group. The Mastermind club will get together once a week and find ways to help each other advance our businesses forward. Each week we will listen to one entrepreneur about their business and help them brainstorm ways in which they can grow their business or solve any issues they may be experiencing at the moment. We can chat on Google Hangouts or WhatsApp whichever works for everyone. Please post a "Yes" comment plus a brief note with your skills or strengths if you are interested to take part.
Isaac Thuku
Uganda named the world's most entrepreneurial country Read more>>
Isaac Thuku
Anyone want to make some quick cash? Well, you need to fill surveys first before you can get paid. I haven't tried out the two links below myself so I cannot guarantee that the sites pay, but it is FREE to join and worth a try if you have some time on your hands.

Global Test Market Surveys

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Isaac Thuku
I am looking to make some cash from Youtube videos and need pointers or ideas form anyone who may have done it before. Anything to point me in the right direction will be highly appreciated. I have already created a Youtube channel (Please subscribe) and uploaded a couple of videos.
On the same note, if you wanna try it out too and we share experiences as we go, do let me know.
Isaac Thuku
Welcome aboard Titus and Tony.

As an Entrepreneur, there is something that makes you tick. Something that differentiates you from the next guy.

One thing entrepreneurs have in common is the tendency to take action on their ideas. They do not let them sit and wait until the time is right. The best part of this is that once you get started even on a very small idea, as you work at it you are able to identify opportunities that you can exploit to your advantage as well as threats that you need to work around. Some of these may have been almost impossible to envision prior to starting.

My suggestion is get started today on that business idea you've been thinking about. If you need a heand with any aspect of it, let the group know and we'll be happy to help.

On the other hand, there are also characteristics common to entrepreneurs that threaten their success when building a business. I have a few in mind but would also like to hear what you think they are.

Post them under comments and I'll publish them as they come.


Tony Mega
Am glad to be here
Titus Kamau
I will be glad to exchange ideas with entrepreneurs.
Isaac Thuku
As an entrepreneur you will find that you have to do most of the stuff to start the business and keep it going.

The best way to make sure nothing falls between the cracks is to write down a proper plan.

In your plan there should be goals and deadlines when they should be completed.

What needs to be completed today, this coming Friday, 31st of this month, 3 ad 6 months from now as well as the ultimate goals for this year.

If you don't' write it down, chances are you will forget about it, no good for business.

Writing it down also makes sure it is in your face often, that way your brain is able to identify threats and create solutions to problems related to that goal.

The best part of it is ticking it off once it is completed. The feeling of accomplishment will help fuel you through challenging times of which there will be many in the course of running a business.

Don't just sit there, start writing something down now!

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