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Functions of Human Resource

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Human Resources include all the individuals who make up the taskforce of an organization, business enterprise or economy. Each of these individuals has different skills, knowledge and expertise to contribute to a business empire or an organization.

The Human Resource Department is responsible for Recruiting new workers. Recruitment starts after potential candidates are asked to apply for various vacant positions in a company, organization or an independent business. Of all the applicants, qualified candidates who are well suited for the job will be shortlisted. Those who have not been shortlisted did not make it for the job while those who have been shortlisted will be called for an interview.

Human Resource conducts interviews for the successfully shortlisted candidates. In this stage the candidates are interviewed by either filling out questionnaires or being questioned orally. Having distinguished skills, knowledge and experience will determine whether you are suitable for the job or not. How ever, how candidates behave in an interview and the way they answer questions will increase their chances of landing the post.

Among the many interviewed candidates, only a few of them are selected. In many cases, the human resource department may decide to do a second and even a third interview to narrow down the applicants and remain with few who will be pitted for the job. Qualifications may be needed but sometimes experience is even more important.

After the selection process, successful and lucky candidates are hired for the job. As usual qualification experience and different skills are considered before one is hired. The human resource manager has to make some hard and important decisions before hiring employees. Hiring the wrong employees will cost a company or business in terms of performance and production. Human resource managers should ensure that they have the right people for the job.

Employees should be trained to equip them with new knowledge and skills in order to cope with the changing business environment. The human resource should ensure that employees are kept up-to-date with technology changes, offices management, research and field work skills. Training is supposed to be carried on frequently especially after the recruitment of new employees. Trained employees are very competent.

Employees need to be motivated in order to work efficiently at all times. Motivation gives them self belief and it raises their self esteem. High spirits give employees the drive needed to perform at the highest level. Lack of motivation in business ventures makes the employees become reluctant. The Human Resource Department is responsible for promoting employees who have been very efficient. They are recognized for their endless efforts in making the business or company successful. Normally promoted employees will obtain a higher post from their previous one and be assigned different duties and responsibilities based on their qualification. Also they receive a pay rise and of course more respect.

Human Resource Manager makes sure that all the set rules and regulations are followed. Employees who fail to follow the set rules and standards are fired. The HR manager has the power and authority to fire employees who are not carrying on their duties and meeting their targets. In cases where the organization, company or business does not need the services of employees, they are made redundant. Human Resource should also consider employees safety to increase performance and productivity.

Functions of Human Resource
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