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How to market your business

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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In entrepreneurship, marketing is always a headache. Every business needs to be marketed well no matter how big and profitable it is. Marketing helps a business stand out from the rest no matter how fierce the competition is. Popular brands have managed to remain on top despite facing competition for more than a decade because of good marketing skills. Business promotion is an integral part of success because it attracts a large audience therefore increasing profits. There are many marketing strategies but always use one that is relevant to your business.

Internet marketing has become one of the most popular and beneficial method of marketing in the 20th century. This is necessary as the online presence of businesses and potential customers is increases daily. Having a website for your business will make it more interactive with your customers. They will find all the information they need on the website even if the business has closed. Email marketing is also a very efficient way of updating your customers with your latest products and services. Make sure you build an online presence on social networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. Ensure you update your profiles regularly and engage your followers and friends to like, follow, retweet and share the posts. You can also create a YouTube channel where you can promote your business through a video. You Tube is an online channel that can drive a lot of traffic to your business. Many customers are likely to watch a promotion video than read some formatted text.

Business documents are documents; either in soft or hard copy that have particular information of the business. They have been used for a long time for business marketing but still they mean a lot. Business cards have been the commonly used business documents for marketing. Business cards represent honesty and credibility as they bear the name and contacts of the business. They are more convenient because of their small size, measuring 3.5 inches by 2 inches. They can be kept in a wallet, pouch or in the pocket. Brochures have also been used in marketing for quite some time. They are mostly preferred because they are cheap and convey more information than a business card. They are quick and easy to design. Anyone who is computer literate can design a brochure because it does not require intense graphic designing skills.

Other businesses prefer to advertise through Television and Radio. This business promotion strategy is the best as it covers a lot of people within a short period of time. The business adverts are usually made of high quality Audio, Video and Graphics. The only limitation for small businesses which may want to advertise through Television and Radio is the high charges and costs of production. Another mode of business marketing on the rise is billboard advertising. Billboards can promote brands, products and even services. Like Television and Radio marketing, they are also very expensive. When devising marketing strategies for your business, always consider the type of business to be advertised and the necessary costs.

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