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How to Build an Investment Portfolio; Five Strategies

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Most of my clients come to me with the thought that most of the returns on their portfolio will give them enough to cater for their retirement. It is my wish that it would be the case but people actually don’t get rich by tracking all the hot markets every year. However, I have five great strategies that will make sure you come out good in your investment performance;

1. Keep an open mind over various assets no matter what the economic status is. This way, you will always have winners and there will be positive investments even when the economy is down. Slow but consistent returns will always win out over boom returns in the long run.

2. Keep your expenses low by keeping off individual stocks. This will ensure that it is your investment that wins and not your broker

3. Keep your sights on the long term. Never invest unless you plan to stay in the market for a long time. I Switching every day or quarter is for day traders and gamblers but not for serious investors.

4. Watch your risk level. The more cash and bonds you have, the less risk for your portfolio. Choose comfortable ground and stick with it but only if it lets you achieve your goals.

5. Goals are the fuel for proper investment. Write them down and keep looking at them to stay focused.Discuss your portfolio with your kids and spouse in order to stay accountable.

Past losses and mistakes do not matter- you can start building a good investment portfolio now with these 5 strategies. Stop fretting about the economy and start enjoying a portfolio based on the goals you have set, the returns you need to reach your goal, and the risk that you are comfortable with. This is certainly how experts build an enviable business portfolio.

How to Build an Investment Portfolio; Five Strategies
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