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The Requirements of Starting an Online Business

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The internet has formed a great platform for entrepreneurs by giving them an ideal place to start business. This comes with many advantages including cutting down overheads like rent among others.

However, there are some mandatory factors that must be considered before you can successfully establish your venture.

Register a domain name —this is an Internet name and address which will be used to identify your business.

Purchase a server or establish a contract with a service provider who will host the site. You will also need to create a website or have an expert do it for you. The website should be easy to navigate for customers to enjoy.

Create an online catalog. Provide clear information with pictures to guide customers around the store. Avoid technical jargon which might deter potential clients.

Establish a payment method. Some companies ask for payment before or after shipping merchandise. You can also have customers pay using their debit or credit cards. The best way to arrange payments is by hiring an online payment company like PayPal to handle such transactions-not only do they have immense experience but also enjoy security like no other.

Make the Web site secure, to protect customer personal information on your site. The best move would be hiring an internet security expert to make sure your site is secure at all times.

Establish a policy for shipping so that everything is clear for your customers. Do not employ hidden costs as these will make customers run away from your store. Clearly explain the number of days shipping would take and the additional cost of shipping if any. Experts advise you to avoid surprising customers with extra costs upon delivery.

Establish a reliable support center where your customers can raise complaints, offer suggestions and make inquiries. Ensure that customer service is available day and night.

Once you have created the online shop, the next thing to do is market the site.

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