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Why Do People Become Entrepreneurs?

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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There are many reasons why one would want to start their own business. Maybe they have been laid off too many times or they are just too bored with their current job. Sometimes one may realize that they will not be keeping their job and they decide to jump ship before it is too late. Maybe your company is cutting back and you see no hope in that firm.

Some people just cannot fathom working for somebody else and they equally detest conforming to the corporate culture. The thought that the rewards will only come due to seniority rather than accomplishment doesn't sit well with them either.

Others decide to become entrepreneurs because they are disillusioned by the bureaucracy and politics in the corporate scene. In contrast, some people are attracted to entrepreneurship by the advantages of starting a business.

These include:

• You are your own boss.

You will make all the decisions about the venture including who to work with, when to take a vacation and how to use the profits. In short, you determine the how, what and when things should be done in your organization.

• Greater chance of reward

There is a greater chance for significant financial reward than when you choose to work for someone else.

• More involvement in operations

An entrepreneur is in a better position to participate in the day to day operations of the business unlike when they are employed. When you work for someone else you spend most of your time at the department where you are assigned.

• Building equity

It gives you the chance to build equity which can be sold or passed on to the next generation. In short, entrepreneurship gives you a chance to build your legacy. There is no reason that is valid than the other as none guarantees success. However, passion and determination are the key ingredients to success in any venture and so they must be kept alive at all times.

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