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The Impact of E-commerce

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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E-commerce or electronic commerce is the buying and selling of products and services online. It is usually conducted over electronic systems mainly the internet and other computer networks. Products and services are purchased via electronic means. E-commerce has expanded the market from national to international level. The processes involve mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing and online transactions. Organizations can now operate in reduced costs.

Through e-commerce, buyers interact with sellers freely on different websites and online market places. This gives the buyer freedom of choice as there are many different options for a particular product or service before making an order.

E-commerce is fast and convenient as it helps the buyer save time and money. It saves time which could have been lost in delivery and labor. Doing online transactions is always beneficial as there are discounts allocated for a particular order. Also there are no middle men involved.

Customers are guaranteed online safety. Online market places such as Amazon.com and ebay.com ensure maximum security for all their transactions. Customer information is kept private from unauthorized access. Systems and networks are always updated regularly. E-commerce depends so much on online security.

With e-commerce, buyers get new and better products supply. This is facilitated by fast and interactive communication systems. The buyer can communicate with the seller and enquire for new products and services. A buyer can be informed in advance about a particular product or service. Here, the two can also negotiate the price. E-commerce facilitates comparison shopping where a customer can compare different products and services. One can compare the prices, quality of service and even quantity of the products. After all, the customer will have to make the decision of making the order or not.

E-commerce has improved the quality of products and services over the years. Online transactions are completed instantly with the click of a mouse. Customers can make multiple purchases in the comfort of their living rooms without having to travel anywhere. They can access websites and online shopping stores and order products or pay for services anywhere in the world. This has contributed to international trade which in turn plays part in the worlds’ economy.

The most important part of e-commerce is its flexibility. Customers can do online transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are no geographical limitations or restrictions as the merchant stores are always open. Products can be located quicker just by visiting specific online stores or searching through the internet. The search can be narrowed using keywords. E-commerce enables the sellers to gain new customers on the internet. A simple search on Google or other search engines will give you the result with a couple of merchant stores on the list. Each day new visitors log on websites to find information about products and services. Customers get immediate feedback on prices and other features. Also traders can get comments from the buyers. This helps in improving service quality. Small and big businesses are legible to start online transactions.

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