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Ecommerce: Selling E-stuff

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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What is ecommerce? Short for Electronic commerce which can be simply explained as business conducted electronically. Traditionally commerce or business meant goods and services being located at a certain place where buyers needed to go, market, shop or supermarket, and purchase. Meaning the transaction would only happen if both parties, the buyer and seller were at the same location. However, with the advent and mega growth of the Internet its much easier for a person or business entity to conduct business in a way that does not require the parties involved to meet in order to transact. This is how ecommerce it works:

Let's say I have a product A e.g. an ebook (electronic book) and am located at place A. My target client is located in another country at a place B which is all the way across the world. My first step is to promote my product in a place where the client will be able to see is which in this case is the Internet by using a website like tuwaze.com or an auction or classified site like Ebay, Amazon, Kijiji, Uzanunua, Dealfish and many more. When the client searching for Product A, they type the name into a seacrh engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing which leads them to tuwaze.com where they will see images and description of the product in order to verify that the product meets their requirements. They will then contact me using electronic means, be it telephone, email or a web form on my website, confirm price, availability and place an order of whatever quantity they want. When I receive their communication, I will confirm the order using the same electronic means and send the client the quantity of product ordered and an electronic bill, Ebill. The client will then pay me electronically by transferring the funds to my bank account. Transaction complete.

Please note how there was no physical contact between me and the buyer during the whole transaction. A lot of business around the world is carried out this way on a daily basis, thereby making the world appear flat and much smaller regardless of the distance between the parties involved. Any product, good and services, can be traded electronically which means anyone including you can start an ebusiness. Think of something and get started today. The best part is a website works 24/7 and that way you get to make money even while you sleep. Isn't that nice? Yes it is and so stop procrastinating and get to work, now!

Feel free to contact me for free advice on whatever business you'd like to start, you never know I might be your first client.

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Article written by Isaac Thuku
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