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Entrepreneurship: Nurture vs Nature

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Writer Edith Okemwa
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Entrepreneurship is the art of creating employment by grabbing a business opportunity. This will include embracing all the risks as much as the benefits in order to make profits. At this point, you are your own employee. An Entrepreneur should have the capability and skills that will make them propel and perform in a business despite the uncertainties that may come along in the business. Other than just realizing an opportunity, you have to make it successful for you to be termed an entrepreneur. The all time question remains; are you born to be an entrepreneur or are you taught to be an entrepreneur?

To realize which is which, let us look at characteristics that make an entrepreneur.

Innovative. Lots of Ideas

An entrepreneur should be able to generate ideas not only to start off the business but also to ensure that it does not go down. To keep the business running, you need to include innovative ideas so as to gain an added advantage over other business people in the same kind of business.


Having established a business does not mean you have it all figured out. You should be open to ideas from other people and change. Times are making business very competitive and embracing change will take the business miles ahead. Entrepreneurs should seek advice and opinion regarding ventures they choose to get into.


Entrepreneurs will work with what makes them happy. Their source of generating income grew from something that makes them happy.

Success oriented

Many people will get into a business venture solely for the returns. With entrepreneurs, the reason of venturing into a business is first and foremost because they want to be identified with the success that comes with it.

Grabbing a business opportunity can NOT be taught. You will take eternity to teach entrepreneurship but realizing an opportunity takes instinct. It is evident that the above characteristics cannot be taught and nature has nothing to do with it. These are inborn trait which means that successful entrepreneurs have it in them. Nature takes care of it. A little bit of education can boost entrepreneurs adopt to the change but success in entrepreneurship comes from nurture.

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