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Five Most Famous Entrepreneurs

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Writer Grace Odinga
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The world is full of avid business men who are not afraid to venture into unknown territory. Such people are known in business lingo as entrepreneurs. Among the entrepreneurs of this world, are some who have taken their specific industries by storm and this way, they have gained widespread popularity. Here is a list of five most famous entrepreneurs of this age;

Steve Jobs

Top on this list is an icon in his own right-Steve Jobs. He is known by many as the co founder and chairman of Apple. Since his childhood, Steve was interested in computers. Jobs took part in many occupations and even dropped out of school at one point. His entrepreneurial traits emerged in 1976 when he decided to start Apple together with his friend Wozniak. He is considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time because he plunged into the business without worrying about the risk. The business was started in his family’s garage and they had t o sell their personal property to start the now world renowned Apple Brand.

Jerry Yang

Every big entrepreneur of today has an inspiring story behind their success and this one is no exception. Jerry Yang is the co founder of Yahoo.inc and his father died when he was very young forcing them to move to San Jose. Though his mother was an English teacher, he barely knew the language but went ahead to co found a global company.

Oprah Winfrey

Women also have excellent entrepreneurial abilities as shown by Oprah. She has many businesses to her name all over the world. She may have come from a humble background but thanks to her passion and risk tolerance, Winfrey was able to make it big in business. Oprah did not bring her down but she instead went ahead to start her own show business empowering many people in the world. Oprah is also the founder of Harpo studios and now her net worth is a whooping 2.7 billion dollars

Sir Richard Branson

He is a famous English industrialist and the queen even recognized this by making him a Knight! Branson is best known for his Virgin group which holds 360 companies all over the world. His first business though, was Venture student Magazine in 1966 and then The Student Advisory Centre. Today the great success in business has not made him stop and he now has another great venture-virgin Galactic-which seeks to take people to space.

Mark Zuckerberg

If you are on Facebook, then you know Mark Zuckerberg. He is the founder of Facebook and most amazingly, he first launched it from his Harvard dormitory room. Thanks to his great invention, people are able to connect with their friends all over the world. Now it is said that Zuckerberg is worth a pretty 6.9 billion dollars.

These entrepreneurs have certainly made it big in business not because they were assured of success but for their will to take huge risks. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, do not dismiss your ideas due to lack of funds or because you think they are too small-who knows, you might be No.6 on this list!

Most Famous Entrepreneurs
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