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Bluetooth wireless speaker

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Bluetooth sound technology involves the wireless streaming between paired devices; one device sends audio streams to a single speaker set at a time. In this digital era, Bluetooth technology works with nearly every mobile device, computer and Smartphone. Wireless speakers are almost everywhere these days as audio companies try to outsmart each other in producing them. Bluetooth wireless speakers come in different shapes, sound quality and features.

A Bluetooth wireless speaker if less expensive than AirPlay and many run on rechargeable batteries, making them easier to carry around or set up outside the house. Travel models are even smaller, and often include speakerphone functionality as well. In the other direction, Bluetooth can be found in some stationary stereo desktop speakers, like the Edifier Spinnaker, which offers better stereo imaging than most single Bluetooth speakers because they can be placed apart for better separation. The size, weight and battery life are important considerations when choosing a Bluetooth wireless speaker, especially if you plan on using them for many outdoor activities. A good quality speaker should also have a long lasting battery, so that you don’t have to keep charging it. It should also be simple to pair between devices by just following the instructions in the user manual. Another important feature to consider is whether the speaker can double up as speakerphone to allow for conversations. Additionally, the price of the speaker goes hand in hand with quality; hence you must not expect good quality from a very cheap wireless speaker.

The quality of Bluetooth speakers cannot be predicted, but we sample some of the best quality Bluetooth wireless speaker models:

Philips ShoqBox SB7210/37– lightweight speakers weighing just about 2.1 pounds, with a USB outlet. The speaker can work with virtually any mobile device, computer or MP3 player. The Lithium ion battery can last up to 8 hours, so you can enjoy quality music anywhere you go. The wOOX speaker technology produces dazzling bass. They have an inbuilt microphone to allow for hands free phone conversation. Operated using a smart sensor, which can be swiped to pause, forward or play back a song. Works best within a 30-foot distance, you can stream music from your device to the speakers from this distance to have clear quality music. If planning for outdoor activities, we have a splash and drop-proof, with a strong water resistant rubber to ensure the speaker stays safe.

The Sony BTX-500 – it produces room-filling clear sound, its battery when fully charged, can run for about 6 hours. It is so powerful for its size, the best choice for a night of partying.

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox – small and easy to use speakers, with an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It has very good sound quality for its tiny size. Multiple users can select different music to the speaker, with a 50 foot distance for wireless playback.

Bose Soundlink Series – users have two options to choose from: the Mini and the Mobile speaker II. The mini is the lighter of the two weighing just 1.5 pounds; but both have very good sound quality. The mobile II can be charged using a USB cable, and because it has a mic, you can make speakerphone using it.

Jawbone Jambox Series - unique in design, automatic firmware updates and applications. It is compatible with many Bluetooth devices

Braven Series – come with battery backups, can be used to charge external devices and to make hands free calls. They are easily portable, very lightweight and are packed with waterproof bags to keep them safe.

JBL Flip – designed for same quality sound in either horizontal or vertical set up. Also very lightweight, can be only be charged with a charger, so their use is limited to a fixed power outlet. The Bluetooth wireless speaker is just about the only affordable way to stream your music between multiple positions. Just by moving a charged speaker to different positions in the house, you eliminate the cost of buying multiple speakers for the different rooms in your house.

Bluetooth wireless speakers
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