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Writing A Good SEO Article

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Writer Naomi Senda
Category Personal Article
Top selling newspapers are those with articles that have catchy headlines, captivating language, powerful pictures and authentic information; generally making a good read. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) article is meant to have the same effect not only on its readers but should also be easily discoverable by the search engines from the millions of articles that exist over the internet.

Ever wondered why some articles do not appear until the second or the third page of the search engine results when you browse information through Google, Bing or any other search engine? Simple! The articles on the first page are more optimized than those on the subsequent pages. This translates to more internet users reading the articles in the first page and hence increased webpage visibility and traffic for the websites containing the optimized content.

To write a good SEO article, remember write for human beings to read but with a few adjustments for the search engine to discover and rank well above other articles. Here are a few items to consider if you want to achieve optimization for your article.

 Give your article and attractive title/headline. Books are not judged by their covers but articles are judged by their headlines. Headlines should appeal to the reader and hint on an answer to the question asked. Attractive headlines entice more readers to view the whole article as compared to those with irrelevant titles.

 Keywords; words on the spotlight. These are the words that highlight the main subject to your target audience. They should either be highlighted, made bold, italicized or underlined for emphasis. Also, the frequency of these words in your article will improve its optimization but be careful not to overdo it. You should carefully select the keywords for your SEO article as these guides the search engine when ranking articles to display as finding in the search engine result pages.

 Develop great content for your article. Before writing your article, conduct thorough research to gather as many accurate facts as possible that will enable you write up the article for your webpage. The article needs to be your original work; not some combination of plagiarized paragraphs. Use simple language to engage your readers and provide them with a different angle to the subject matter from that which other articles have been written. Make your article is as informative and entertaining as possible, limiting its length to its quality. You don't want to have a short article with sketchy information or a very long article explaining a single concept.

The use of relevant images as unique as your content enhances the visual appeal of your article, making it enticing to read. Review your written article and check for spelling mistakes and ensure it has a logical flow of information. Your article is then ready for posting.

There, you have it! Simple guidelines that will help you write a good SEO article. It's now up to you to make it happen.
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Isaac ThukuA very insightful article Naomi.2013-11-14
Naomi SendaThank you Isaac2013-11-19

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