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Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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In simple definition, Alaea salt is an unrefined salt that has been mixed with red alaea volcanic clay. Many people may think that the salt is made in Hawaii but it mostly comes from California. Its unprocessed nature makes it rich in trace minerals; all of which are found in the sea. Massive harvesting of Alaea salt began in the 19th century as Hawaiians began processing large amounts of salts using Europeans salt making techniques and became a leading salt supplier for salmon fishermen in the Americas Northwest.

The salt is usually harvested from the pacific waters through solar evaporation to allow the salt crystals to form then mix it with Hawaiian volcanic clay famously known as alae to give it its red color. The alaea clay contains earthly mineral flavors. It is tasteless and odorless. Apart from adding red color to the salt, Hawaiian clay adds Iron-Oxide to the salt. Many other minerals obtained by consumption of the salt are Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium. They help the body to be healthy and fit.1 oz. of the salt crystals is about 1/8 cup. It takes us a ton of sea water to produce 77 pounds of Hawaiian sea salt.

The Hawaiians use the Alaea traditionally to cleanse, purify and bless tools, canoes, homes and temples. They also use it for traditional dishes such as Kalua pig, Hawaiian Jerky and poke. Another use include healing rituals for medicinal purposes.

The salt is usually expensive due to its nutritional values. Hawaiian red salt has no additives or artificial apart from Hawaiian clay. Many people prefer to use it as table salt. It flushes away toxins from the body as well as promoting smooth and healthy skin. It’s gaining popularity for chocolate desserts and ice cream. Red alaea sea salt has no side effects but high consumption of salt can lead to serious health problems.

Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt
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