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One in a million

ArticleID 39  
Writer Isaac Thuku
Category Poem

You are my lovely Cinderella
You are my friend when I’m lonely
You are my helping hand when I’m down
You are my guardian angel when I’m lost
You are the apple of my eye

I will be your shoulder when you cry
I will lift you up when you cannot reach
I will be your voice when you can’t speak
I will be your genie in a bottle; pliz make a wish
I will be your magic carpet
Let me take you on a journey across the galaxy of love
I will be your one in a million

We can wish, we can dream
Together you and I, we can do anything
Coz we were meant to be
Right from the very start
Our love for each other
Is deeper than any sea, higher than any mountain
It’s the groovy kind of love

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