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Human Resources Management and Psychological Counseling Training as Key Components in Succes

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Writer William Opar
Category Personal Article
For the period of time that I have been in the employment field at different capacities, I learnt that every individual apply human resources management and counseling skills in the day today activities. The problem is that the application is done unconsciously and wrongly thereby distorting the value of these two great aspects of managerial skills. Human Resources Management training should equip an individual with the knowledge and skills on how to understand an individual and make use of the resources in him/her rather than trying to deal with the human being in him/her. Each and everyone have their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and this calls for the need to understand a person at individual basis and not generalizing people and expect to get equal results from them. Psychological counseling training enable individuals to be aware of themselves and then learn how to work with everybody with diverse personality traits, people from different family backgrounds and culture. I have seen many leaders and staffs being so mechanical in their service delivery just because they do not have basic training in human resources management and psychological counseling training and this contribute to failure in achieving the set goals and objectives. How I wish human resources management and psychological counseling be incorporated as units in all courses so that everyone undergoing any form of career training be equipped with these skills so as to be more productive and able to work with diverse groups of people and achieve results.
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