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Trending bathroom designs

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Writer Matilda Mwikali
Category Personal Article
Article by: Mwikali.V Trending bathroom designs Nothing beats the comforting feeling of soaking in the bath after a long day. This mainly means that the bathroom is a place where one spends a lot of time relaxing and that is why the space should be designed in an appealing way. The facilities that one wishes to install in the bathroom are of different styles depending on the owner’s taste and vary in prices to suit everyone’s financial position. Apart from the basic facilities such as the bathtubs and water closets, there are other unique features that one can add to make the space look more gorgeous. Interior designers have come up with ways to make our bath spaces look amazing and classy. There is one design where floor tiles beneath the bathtub can be replaced with pebbles and some magnificent lighting. The lighting can be done in various colors using LED lights which enable the owner to change the color scheme as much as they want. There are a variety of modern bathroom themes that would entirely blow your mind. People choose from these depending on what is trending or even simple things like the color they like most. Among these themes is the botanical theme. For those who dig this theme, I would like to assure you that it can be done. One can decide to plant a garden inside the bathroom which significantly freshens up the space, there are others who would prefer to grow the plants in the courtyard just behind the bathroom so they get a view from the sliding glass doors or windows and feel closer to nature. According to my research, there are new trends in the market. There is the open-concept design whereby a steel or glass barrier is installed to allow ease in dressing up after showers. Placing the vanity near a window is also an up and coming idea when it comes to designing bathrooms. This design provides the owner with a view of the outside and perfect lighting when doing their make-up for instance. Black themed bathrooms are also in the trend. Personally I like the theme because black is a bold color and gives one an amazing experience during bath time. We therefore can all agree to agree that the bathroom is where we spend most of our time and despite of one’s budget, one can be able to get the bathroom of their dream.
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