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5 Must Have Food Photography Props

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The setting around which you choose to photograph your food is very important. Some key factors to consider when looking at selecting your ideal food photography props will include neutrality, a sense of playfulness, and a touch of one’s personality. This will always distinguish your food photographs from that of other photographers. In addition, the prop should never distract attention from your food which is the key focus.

Many a time, props will capture your attention and even if you may not use it at that specific time, they will come in handy in a different setting. The following are some recommended props and some FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS to help you make the right choice.

1.Solid neutral serving items

Keep in mind that you want the food to stand out in the photograph. To avoid drawing attention to the cutlery or crockery always ensure you have neutral serving items. The use of vintage cutlery is outstanding as it eliminates chances of reflective images. There are instances when you will want to take the image off a reflection but this is different. Reflective images will cause a blur but when you take a photograph of a reflection, the focus provides a clear image.

2.Beautiful and outstanding cutting board

A cutting board stands out because of the texture it provides. This is great for images showing food preparation. Recommended is a wooden cutting board because of its neutral appearance thus retaining the focus of the image on the food. It is also versatile to work with different types of food preparations be it pastries or ingredient preparation.


The concept of using seasonings as a prop works in two ways. First, you may choose to use the seasoning on the food (this includes the use of herbs and edible flowers). The idea is to add texture and color to the food. Secondly, you can simply leave a display of the seasonings around the surface you are placing the food. This triggers the mind of the viewer into thinking that they were used in food preparation.

4.Choice of linens/ textured napery

The choice of linen on a photograph can serve various purposes. They contribute towards texture, color, and overall setting. You can have a classy setting with served food next to a nicely folded white napkin. On the other hand, if you place a used dish towel on the surface, people will have the perception that it is still a work in progress. Always ensure that the texture and color of the fabric do not over-power the food.

5.A personal touch

A personal touch will vary from one photographer to another. You can use it does not necessarily have to be an ingredient. It can also be a piece of art such as a jar that always stands out in a majority of your photos. This concept also brands you allowing people to relate to you anytime they see “your signature” on your food photos.

Food photography props are essential in food photography. Their purpose is to provide a variance in texture, color, as well as indicate the setting. With the right props, viewers will be able to tell whether it is a food preparation setting or if it is a server display. They can also attach value to the food depending on what they see. However, it is important that you keep in mind that the key focus is the food and not the props. The props should only add value to the food.

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