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Grammarly Review: Why All the Hype?

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Grammarly is an online grammar-checking tool that proofreads content to eliminate grammatical and punctuation errors. No one is perfect when writing and even professional writers make mistakes. This app will also suggest style changes in addition to checking for plagiarism. Grammarly offers two options, the free version and the premium versions.

What is the Difference between Free and Premium Grammarly?

The free version is adequate making it ideal for writers and bloggers especially if you are on a budget. On the other hand, the premium version offers an advanced grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, as well as vocabulary enhancement suggestions. It is therefore, able to identify and correct more mistakes as compared to the free version.

Premium fee can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. However, the cost per month will reduce significantly if you choose to make payment quarterly or annually. This helps to save more while at the same time enjoying Grammarly benefits.

How Accurate is Grammarly?

This app does not just indicate your mistake but it also presents an explanation of the problem. It will address concerns such as confused prepositions, use of passive voice, wordy sentences, repetitive words, spelling errors, as well as lengthy sentences. Bottom line is that Grammarly delivers just as it promises its users with the aim of bettering individual writing, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You can choose to write your content directly on Grammarly, which will allow you to edit as you write. You can also write it on word and then choose to upload it after completion for correction.

Why is it gaining popularity?

• It has an easy to use interface making it ideal for everyone even a beginner

• It has fast and accurate grammar and spell check. Forget about the time consuming proofreading method.

• It offers compatibility on different platforms (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows)

What is its challenge?

• You must be on-line to use it. This however does not affect this app’s performance. With adequate internet connection, you can use all its services.

You must consider the English version you are using when correcting with Grammarly. You will notice significant differences when using the American and British Version. However, it will still highlight the commonly confused words and ask you to reconsider word usage. It is therefore, important that before making corrections, that you check for application.

Despite the cost for the premium version, Grammarly provides outstanding set of writing and editing tools for various platforms to ensure grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors are no more. In this digital era, many are posting content on all types of social media. To help you convey your message and idea as expected, you can rely on Grammarly to proofread your content.

As opposed to proofreading your content manually, which can be time consuming; Grammarly offers a quick fix solution to grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is reliable and effective. The cost attached is well worth it not just for its abilities but also because it has a wide range of supported platforms.

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