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Making Money Online

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Writer Bismark Langat
Category Personal Article
Have you ever been in a situation where you need money urgently but you find it difficult? Here is the way to cope with such situations. Many people think that making money online is something impossible.The truth is that it is possible to make money online. One should always be careful when engaging in such activities since not all sites you find online are used to make money. For effective performance you should first get an inquiry of the site before taking any action.

Many people lose money because of being careless. They just find an advertisement online and when they are told to send money, they do so without any inquiry. As a writer,I have experienced such adventure and it was one of my worst moments ever.

After inquiries about the site you will use to make money,read on the qualifications.Some sites may not be suitable for you.This will help improve the quality of your work.You cannot engage in a job that you know nothing about it or a job that you are not able to do.

Lastly one should consider payment.Either amount of money paid or method of payment. Some jobs pay through PayPal and one must have a PayPal account so that he/she can access the service. Others pay through Mpesa and one should be a registered Mpesa user.

These guidelines help one make money online effectively and with a lot of safety.


i)Writing jobs.

This may include writing of articles,Ebooks,News e.t.c

ii)Online marketing

iii) Affiliate programs.

iv) Network marketing.

v) Web hosting.

Making money online is simple and enjoyable.Just imagine earning without doing manual work.

There is no need of complaining of being broke and yet you can earn a lot online.As hard working Kenyans it is now a high time to develop economically and move towards success.We should target the sun so as to rest at the moon.

We should make several steps forward and never backwards.We should no longer be named developing countries because we have a lot of resources that can make this country be most developed.
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