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Is Walking a Good Form Of Exercise To Lose Weight

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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For anybody looking to keep fit by regularly exercising, walking and running are examples of the best exercise activities. This is because they are also the least expensive compared to gym exercise which comes with membership costs and other added costs. Furthermore, if one has not been regularly exercising and they want to start running, they have to begin by walking. Walking is a sure way to lose weight, keep fit and get over stress. Walking has a huge impact on your health more than most people would think. Walking for 20-30 minutes a day reduces your risk of heart diseases by 30%.

Things to consider for a beginner walking program:

1. Get checked

This mainly applies for people who are well over 40 years of age but not necessarily and can be applied by anybody. This helps you realize if your body is fit enough to take on this walking exercise. It’s also advisable to do this if your family has a heart disease history or other similar health problems. If found with no complications or life threatening problems, then you’re fit enough to begin on this exercise.

2. Find the best place to walk

The best locations for walking are characterized by a flat terrain, smooth surface, straight pathways and should have minimal traffic. It’s also advisable that you chose a site that offers safety. Different people prefer different options. Some may enjoy the fresh air and scenery from an open air walk while others may have a liking for indoors walks for example on treadmills.

Outdoor sites to walk may include:

• Parks and trails – they give a serene environment for walks. For leisure walks, use level paths and they should not be rocky. For vigorous walks, use trails that have a steep incline for the best experience.

• Tracks. They are mostly found in schools or even some parks may have them.

• Neighborhood. This is the area around where you live and applies for people who prefer to exercise around their homes.

3. Set reasonable goals for progress

For individuals that have been dormant in terms of exercise, it is advisable to begin by walking short distances that are on a fair terrain. As one makes more frequent walks, they can increasingly make new goals as their body adjusts accordingly.

Walking is not as draining as other exercises maybe and all one needs is good attire and all needed equipment and they are good to go. The equipment used is a huge determinant of the distance one is physically capable of walking.

4. Develop a positive attitude

This is a major factor in all types of exercises and walking is no exception. This mostly applies to those that are doing it to stay fit or lose weight in the process. Progress takes time and a positive take on this is a huge motivation to keep going. It’s also important to remember that one has to apply other healthy ways and walking alone is not enough.

5. Stay hydrated through-out

Water is an essential part of every health scheme that we take on. The individual should take enough water about an hour before beginning on their exercise. This is because one may experience cramping if the water is taken immediately before beginning the walk. The amount of water taken should depend on the distance that the person is planning to walk. This helps by preventing dehydration while they are on track. It is also advisable to take a water bottle with you while on your walk, just in case you feel thirsty.

6. Correct gear

This is essential as not having the correct gear, such as shoes, may result in injuries during your walk. This will in turn prevent you from attaining your best results from the walk. It is therefore advisable to have your walking attire in check.

Final verdict

It would be correct to say that walking is as important as any other exercise if practiced with utmost determination and determination. Walking does not demand for special equipment as other exercises out there do. It also doesn’t require any specific physical attributes and can be done by anybody. If the above factors are considered and followed upon then desirable and noticeable progress is noted on the individual. This exercise should however be followed complimented by living a healthy life in all aspects including healthy eating and avoiding unhealthy activities.

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