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Best Diaper Backpack 2017

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Diaper backpacks are very convenient for parents who like going for picnics with their children. This bag backpacks are very useful and convenient during emergencies such as rushing your baby to the hospital. Diaper backpacks can still be used even after your baby is grown and already started going to school.

This bag backpacks helps parents carry their own essentials and everything their child will need. This things include; milk bottles, snacks, baby's medicines, extra diapers, extra baby's clothes and toys. It is also better to choose a bag backpack that is big enough to carry all that you need, light enough to make it easy for you to carry, has been made by a water resistance material and has many pockets to enable you separate your things neatly.

The good thing about diaper bag packs is the freedom they give you. You can climb stairs, hi five with your friends, shaking hands and also carrying your baby at the same time without feeling any pain on your back.

What to look for when buying a bag diaper backpack.

• Big pockets closer to your back. Big pockets help in keeping sizeable baby items. You should choose a bag backpack that has big pockets which are closer to the shoulder strap. Carrying heavy items which are much closer to your back will prevent you from getting back pains. It is also an added bonus if the back pocket is padded to give you that extra comfort that you need.

• Padded straps. Padded straps will help your shoulders to feel lighter. Bag backpacks that are not padded will cause unnecessary friction to your shoulders and will make you feel like the bag is too heavy. It is also an added bonus if the padded strap is adjustable.

• Built in baby wipe pocket. You should buy a bag diaper backpack that has built in baby wipe pocket to help you access baby wipes without having to open the zipper or digging into the back. This will help save your time especially when you have gone out with a very active and playful baby. Some bag diaper backpacks come with a baby wipe dispenser while others come with a slot that you can use to keep in baby wipes.

• Number of pockets. A bag diaper backpack with many pockets is good for you since you are able to keep all the items you need separately and well organized.

Best Backpack Diaper Bags Available

Graco Smart organizer backpack diaper bag

This diaper backpack is durable, comes with a diaper changing pad, has padded strips and many pockets.

Price and Reviews

This bag backpack is inexpensive and comfortable to wear. It is made of polyster material which makes it durable. This bag is plain functional and has many revealing pockets. It has heavy padded straps on the shoulders to make your shoulders feel very comfortable while carrying the bag. It has two huge pockets inside and even more smaller mesh pockets within. The outside has so many small pockets with zipper which are just enough for you. This will help you in carrying everything you want while they all fit well and neatly in the pockets. The changing pad will be useful when you want to change the baby's clothes because you can lay the baby there. This bag diaper backpack also comes with a baby wipe dispenser to enable you to get faster access to the wipes when you need them. The bag is reasonably sizeable and you can carry it for long distances even with a baby in your arms. The only con about this diaper bag backpack is that the padded changing mat is of poor quality.

Best Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag

Ecosusi Large convertible backpack diaper bag

This bagpack comes in four different colours, offers a large capacity and has too many pockets. This bag has different carrying options and it is made of nylon.

Price and Reviews

The bag has removable padded shoulder straps that makes it flexible in terms of carrying and gives you freedom. The diaper bag backpack can be held as a carry bag or worn as a messenger bag. This stylish bag's appearance stands between ugly black backpack and cute backpack. In terms of price, this trendy bag for women is cheap and would never cause you to borrow a loan from your local bank.

This type of diaper bag backpack has many pockets and is recommended for mothers with two babys or twins and for night travellers. This is because the backpack has many pockets to fit all essentials for two people.

The bag's pockets have pockets with zippers to offer more security and protect your essentials. So you don't have to worry about theft or your things falling out of your bag. It comes with a changing pad which you can use to lay your baby while changing their diapers. The diaper backpack also comes with a baby wipe dispenser to make it easy for you to grab fast when you need it. Although the bag is not of higher quality, it lasts longer when you handle it gently.

Best Premium Backpack Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F backpack diaper bag

This bag comes in 16 different colour options. It has a large space, many pockets, made of nylon, has different carrying options and the material of the bag makes it machine washable.

Price and Review

This premium Ju-Ju-Be backpack is well made and durable. The material of the bag is treated with teflon fabric protecter. This treatment makes the bag stain resistance and free from smelling bad. The fabric of the bag can also be washed by a machine and that is how easy cleaning this bag is. The lining of the backpack is treated with Agion. The Agion has microbial properties that prevents molds, fungus and bacteria from growing and reduces any odour from forming on the bag to a greater extent. When you turn the bag upside down, you will see that it has four metal feet on each corner that makes it easy to put down your bag backpack in public at an upright position. The four metal feet also protects the bag from getting in contact with the ground. This is a very unique feature that most bags do not have. This Ju-Ju-Be bag has many pockets to help you keep your baby's items in a neatly organized manner. This bag diaper backpack does not come with a baby wipe dispenser but has a pocket lined with thinsulate to help keep items hot or cold. The bag has adjustable and removable padded shoulder straps that makes it flexible in terms of carrying.

You can carry it as a messenger bag or a purse. The underside of the straps are lined with mesh to prevent them from sliding on your shoulders. The only con for this bag diaper backpack is the price. The bag is expensive but the features of the bag justifies the price. This bag is durable and worth it.

Best Backpack Diaper Bags for Dads

Dad gear Manly backpack diaper bags

This backpack has over 30 different styles available. This bag comes with a baby wipe window, diaper hammock, stroller straps and two bottle pockets.

Price and Review

This bag is plain with no floral parts and only appeals to men. Carrying it around makes men feel more masculine since the bag is plain, ugly and offers a serious look. The two bottle pockets are good for keeping water or soft drinks that men can grab when thirsty or when they need to feel refreshed. The stroller straps fit the bag perfectly and enables men to carry the bag around while shopping for other things without being distracted.

Other Best Types of Diaper Backpack

Bebamour Nappy Changing Bag Backpack

The Bebamour Nappy Changing Bag Backpack is made with a waterproof nylon material and comes with a changing mat. This means you will not have to worry about the napkins getting wet while you carry it in rainy seasons. This bag backpack is used to carry laptops, equipments you need daily and your shopping items too. This bag backpack has so many pockets both inside and outside that you can use to keep bottles, extra tissues and the changing mat too. It has buckles on the shoulder stripes that you can attach on the baby's Pushchair while traveling. This is very convenient and useful to mothers. They also come as two single backpack bags, one for insulation and another normal one for carrying daily things.

Bebamour Nappy Changing Bag Travel Backpack with Changing Mat

This bag backpack is larger in size, dark yellow and comes with a changing mat. Even though it is large, the material used is light and so you wouldn't have to feel like it is heavy when carrying on your back. It has a padding on each shoulder stripes which are wide enough to make you feel free while carrying the bag. The design of the bag is efficient, breathable and makes it comfortable. This bag is the best backpack because it is big enough to carry all the things that your baby will need. Even though it is a nappy bag, it has extra pockets that you may use to put other things you will need while traveling.

Hip Cub Weekender Tote

This is a heavy-duty bag backpack that is recommended for large families going for long trips. The materials used to make this bag are very durable and are made to last for a very long time. The external fabric is made of tough cotton canvas that is very easy to clean. The inside of the bag is made of sturdy polyester that is very easy to clean. Each pocket on this bag was designed for a purpose and this makes it more functional than most bags. The two pockets in the front are best used for keeping sipping cups and bottles. The large pocket on the back is for putting dirty garments to prevent them from mixing or soiling other things.

Hip Cub Diaper Bag and Baby Changing Pad Combo

This bag is midsize and has different strap options available. The inside of the bag is made of polyester while the outside is made of faux leather. Both materials are easy to clean by just wiping or using a soft soapy rag and this makes the bag convenient for outdoor activities. It has two large pockets outside which helps in arranging your stuff separate and neatly. The black and white stripes pattern on the bag makes it suitable to be carried by both genders. It matches perfectly with all the outfits that mothers would like to wear and fathers will still feel masculine while carrying the bag.

JJ Cole Stone Satchel Diaper Bag

This bag is recommended for those who want to carry napkins or a lot of things. The bag is very stylish and full of accessories. The stroller grip clips fit the bag perfectly and helps you focus on other things while carrying it around. It has seven pockets on the outside which helps you to grab and access things whenever you need them. The bag has removable padded shoulder straps that makes it flexible in terms of carrying. You can carry it as a purse or over your shoulders.

Obersee Bern Diaper Bag Backpack, Black

This bag backpack is of high quality. The fabric is made of polyester which means the bag is durable and easy to clean. It has a matching Obersee baby bottle cooler firmly attached to it. It comes with a padded changing mat that you can use to put items on or lay the baby while changing its napkin. It has adjustable breathable straps and a padded back to give you comfort while carrying the bag and you wouldn't have to feel like it is heavy. The bag backpack has a pocket that can carry a 15 inch laptop. The bag itself is big enough and has many pockets to put all the child's items together with the parents things separately and in an organized manner.
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