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42 Crucial Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask?

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Entrepreneurship is considered the process where a business is set up and launched. It is typically the whole process of starting up a small business or a company and running it. Making sure it works well and runs profitably is very crucial for the entrepreneur. There are major risks that are involved in entrepreneurship especially financial ones. When the business is either small or new, major investments need to be made to get the business started.

There are many factors to consider when venturing into entrepreneurship. Many questions should be asked first before any major decision is made. By doing this one can avoid serious problems in the future of the business. It is not easy to write a business plan and start running a business. Most people succeed by asking themselves questions that keep them grounded as to what needs to be done for the business to prosper. Some of the questions that are asked include:

1. What is my business idea?

2. Is it a legitimate business?

3. Is my business plan clear enough to help me understand my business better?

4. Am I well prepared financially to start a business?

5. How do I implement my business plan?

6. Have I done exhaustive research for my business to succeed?

7. How long will I need to run the business before I make a profit?

8. Do I have enough previous experience as an entrepreneur to succeed?

9. What inspires me to succeed in venture?

10. How do I expect the business to grow?

11. How much human resource do I need to make my business a success?

12. Do I need any outside investors in my business or should I go it alone?

13. What type of business model should I implement?

14. Will the business bring change and growth in the society?

15. What legal documents and processes are needed to start this type of business?

16. Who are my major competitors?

17. How will I market my business in order to get and grow sales?

18. Do I have a network with other entrepreneurs?

19. What am I will to do to make the business a success?

20. Do I understand my business process well enough to train and motivate other people?

21. How can I encourage other entrepreneurs in their journey to success?

22. What are the major challenges facing this new business start up?

23. Does my business model fit in with the local economy in my country?

24. If you were to ask for help as an entrepreneur what would you ask for?

25. What other types of businesses do I plan to venture into in the future?

26. How do I overcome challenges at work?

27. How does my work affect my personal life?

28. Will my income as an entrepreneur pay my bills?

29. What are my short term and long term goals?

30. Who is my mentor?

31. Where do I see myself in the next five years?

32. How good am I at solving problems?

33. Do I have any regrets about choosing entrepreneurship?

34. What is my strategy to get to the top in my line of business?

35. What new ideas can I incorporate to my current business?

36. Will I be able to make the right decisions for my business?

37. What kind of work culture do I want to cultivate in my business?

38. How do I find, interview and hire new talent?

39. How will data and information flow in my business?

40. How do I assess performance of the business?

41. Are you happy and satisfied with your work?

42. What changes would I like to see in my business industry and how can I contribute?

These are the questions that one needs to ask as an entrepreneur. There are great opportunities waiting out there. You just need to pick the right one and give it your all to succeed. Building a start up can be challenging but the success will be worth all the ups and downs.

Arm yourself with as much knowledge about your business, the industry and general economy surrounding your enterprise. Do the best you can as an entrepreneur to make wise decisions to support your business. Consult an expert whenever you feel you do not have the capacity to make the right decisions and make sure to ask the right questions
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