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Top 10 Baseball Health Benefits

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Baseball has become one of the best played sports worldwide. It is played by both the young and the old as it is very easy to learn. It can be played both for fun and as a match. It not only teaches one how to work together as a team, but it is also a great way to enhance their communication skills. Playing baseball is also known as a good way to work out and exercise which is good for prevention of heart disease. It is a great way to make friends and keep fit at the same time. There are many health benefits that are accompanied by playing baseball;

1. Cardiovascular Training

Cardio exercise involves any kind of exercise that makes the heart pump faster. Sweating is a good way to work on your heart muscles. Cardiovascular training ensures that the heart is well pumped and the muscles are strengthened. The running around in a field while playing baseball trying to throw or catch a ball ensures that you get enough cardio exercises. It is recommended that both adults and children get at least 3 hours a week of training.

2. Strong Arms

One must have strong arms to be able to throw the ball. All the muscles in the arm are needed to enable coordination of swinging and throwing of the bat. The triceps and biceps all play a huge part in making the arm strong for one to be able to swing the bat and throw the ball as well. Using the best BBCOR bats is essential in strengthening the arms muscles as there are major factors to consider when buying the bat. It has to be of the right size and weight to enable the arm strength of swinging it.

3. Strong Legs

Moving and running around is a good workout and it helps in toning the legs muscles. Playing baseball involves running, twisting, squatting and moving around. The use of quadriceps and calf muscles helps in toning of the legs. It is a good exercise for the players to run, squat and stand repeatedly so as to build great leg muscles.

4. Calorie Burn

Playing baseball is a great way to burn calories. Any type of physical activity increases the metabolism rate which in turn burns calories and reduces body weight and fat. Playing baseball means a lot of movement, running around, swinging the bat and throwing the ball. All these are activities that play a huge part in calorie burn. Weighing too much weight requires a few hours of calorie burn in a week to be healthy.

5. Hand Eye Coordination

For one to play baseball they need hand and eye coordination to be able to handle the bat. To swing and throw the ball one needs both the hands and eyes to work together. This is a great exercise for both the young and the old.

6. Stress Relief

Everyday people go through a lot of hardships and they have a lot on their mind. Playing baseball is a great way to relieve stress as it keeps the mind refreshed throughout the game. It helps shift attention from ones stress by having fun and playing a match.

7. Benefit For Youth

Research shows that kids who play baseball turn out to be healthy with no health conditions. They have a higher chance of attending college and most of them are said to avoid the use of drugs. Having kids start playing baseball at a young age is really good for their health as it increases their years of living.

8. Overall Fitness

The fitness of a person in general improves when one plays baseball. They can run a long distance for a very short period of time. Their body fat is also considered to be in less percentage due to the workout they get from playing baseball.

9. Sunlight

Baseball is played outdoors and this is a great source of vitamin D as it comes from the sun. Playing outdoors is a great way for the body to consume vitamin D which helps in calcium and phosphorous intake. The exposure to sunlight is free and the benefits are great. Doing this every day for a few hours is a great therapy.

10. Sharpen The Mind

Playing baseball keeps the mind alert and sharp all the time. The decisions that one has to make while playing are what trigger the mind to be alert and keen.


It is very important to be healthy and fit so as to avoid a lot of diseases and disorders. Many health issues arise from lack of exercise. Our bodies tend to become weak and lack the energy required to fight diseases. Playing baseball is a great way to help in toning the muscles and keeping fit. It is a game that is enjoyed by both the young and the old and it has great health benefits too.
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