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Best Travel Bassinet in 2017

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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When you want to travel with baby or your child needs to nap while on the move a portable bassinet comes in to play. They allow you to replicate the home sleeping experience on-the-go. A well designed one is easy to transport and use and provides a firm, safe sleeping environment that is free of suffocation and strangulation risks.

How to Choose the Best Travel Bassinet for Your Baby

Designs and features are just about as diverse as the different lifestyles they cater to. Regardless of your lifestyle however, there are a few considerations that are important for every family to know about, no matter which bassinet they decide to purchase.


Baby’s safety is the number one concern for any parent. Your bassinet should be safe, the materials used to make the bassinet should be free of chemicals and flame-retardants. Look for the Oeko-Tex Standard Label which shows a product is free of harmful chemicals and flame retardants. Mesh netting is the best material as it allows for adequate air flow which contributes to a safe sleeping environment.

Thin, Firm Mattress

A thin firm mattress bring comfort to your baby since the baby will be sleeping most of the times. The mattress should be thin and firm and soft enough to make it comfortable for your baby ti lie in.


Babies are messy, and being able to remove the cover of your crib for washing is a feature you will love. Look for a one with an easily removable cover and mattress sheet.

Size and Weight

Your travel bassinet should be light and a small size to move around easily. Weight matters a lot when you are on the move. Choose a bassinet that is lightweight and small in size. It should also be compact to fold for storage.

1. Serta iComfort Infant Sleeper

Serta's icomfort Infant Sleeper gives you peace of mind and makes night time feedings easier by ensuring the baby is safe right next to you. The extra-large design accommodates a growing baby. Built in night light, lullabies, and nature sound options help soothe baby back to sleep. The sturdy frame keep baby safe with no assembly needed. Fold easily with one hand, perfect for traveling or naps on the go.


• Large design

The extra space of this bassinet means you can use this bassinet for a longer time since babies grow so fast.

• Electronics Module with Night Light, Lullabies and Nature Sounds

With soothing music and a gentle sway, your baby gets a good night’s sleep. The night light is great for when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. • Sturdy frame design

This bassinet comes fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about assembling it.

• Compact fold

You can easily fold it with just one hand and folds into a small size that is great for travel.

• Mesh side panel design

The mesh design provides the baby with the view of the surrounding and good ventilation.


• Lightweight

• Compact size

• Sturdy frame


• The night bulb is too bright

2. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

TheSwaddleMe Deluxe by Your Side Sleeper is the safest bassinet to have to keep your baby safe next to you. It provides a cozy and comfortable sleeping space with mesh sides that circulates air and provide easy access to soothe baby. The sound, light, and vibration unit helps your child drift off to sleep faster.


• Detachable sound, light and vibration unit plays heartbeat, nature sounds and music to help little ones fall asleep.

• Mesh sides provide a clear view of baby and help air circulate to protect baby from overheating

• TheSwaddleMe Deluxe by Your Side Sleeper is made from soft, comfortable fabric that is safe for your baby.

• This bassinet is made of a sturdy metal frame that folds flat for travel and includes mattress pad and fitted sheet.


• Sturdy, strong frame

• Easily folded to a small size

• Detachable night light


• Strong chemical smell even after washing the sheet and the pad.

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