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Top 10 Best Latex Caulk Reviews

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Latex caulk also labeled as acrylic caulk is a sealant that's used to create weather and water tight seals in gaps around your home, like doors and windows or around bathroom fixtures. They are inexpensive and handle the widest range of applications. Latex caulk can be used as adhesive for fixing things around the house like affixing ceramic tiles in your kitchen.

How to choose the best latex caulk

Latex-based caulks are of two types, acrylics and silicon latexes. Acrylic latex is good for sealing areas that won't face major temperature changes or moisture levels, such as interior windows, doors and trim. Silicon latex caulks contain a small amount of silanes that provide better adhesion.

Before purchasing caulk, it’s important to know the following.

• Where it will be used – interior or exterior use.
• What type of materials you are working with – different caulks will work on various materials. Find one that works best for you.
• What kind of hold you are looking for – the caulk you need to buy will depend on how strong of a hold you are looking for.

No matter what you need it for, we have a list for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

10. F. T. Ross 185 Weldbond All-Purpose Glue-8OZ Weldbond Glue

Weldbond is a concentrated adhesive suitable for all kind of uses and works well with all types of surfaces be it tile, wood, plastic glass or ceramics. It is also popular among mosaic artist because of its versatility to work with all kinds of materials. It is non-toxic, weatherproof, odourless, and cleans up with water. It’s ideal for interior use since its water based. This caulk will give you a strong hold without leaving a mess.

9. Slab Repair Concrete Sealant

Slab Repair Concrete Sealant combines the durability, flexibility and adhesion that are needed in concrete crack repairs. It’s very elastic and provides flexibility and can withstand changes due to shifting soils, temperature and moisture. This acrylic latex water-based product is textured to simulate concrete so repairs blend in. It’s fairly odourless so it’s easy on your nose and applies easily to give a weatherproof seal that that will last long. Use it to repair large or small cracks in concrete, brick or stone on sidewalks, garages and sheds, driveways and patios

8. Red Devil Inc. 4074 Create a Color Caulk Kit

This Red Devil Color Caulk Kit A blends well with colour and it’s easy to make the custom colour you want to do touch ups around your home where paint colour is required. It applies easily to give a smooth satin finish that is desirable. The fact that it’s mildew resistant makes ideal to use on places that have a lot moisture to get a clean long lasting like new appearance.

7. Valspar 1534 Porch and Floor Latex Satin Enamel

Valspar Floor Latex Satin Enamel can be used on wood, concrete, floors, primed metal, steps, railings and porches. It’s for both interior and exterior use. With low odour, it ideal for indoor use on doors or floors as it also dries very fast.

This weather resistant formula can be used indoors or out to give years of long lasting protection. It’s easy to use and clean up making it one of the best multi- purpose latex caulk in the market.

6. Red Devil 0770 Lifetime Ultra-Premium Elastomeric Acrylic Latex Sealant

Lifetime Ultra-Premium Elastomeric Acrylic Latex Sealant gives a lifetime protection to doors and windows. It can be used on all kinds of surface and gives longevity where it is used whether indoors or on the exterior of your house. It can be mixed with paint to do repair work on painted walls or doors. It offers maximum protection against mildew and mold as it has HomeShield Antimicrobial Protection. It’s also UV resistant, which makes it great for outdoor use and it can be applied underwater.

5. Rust-Oleum 267976 12-Ounce Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Sealant

Rust-Oleum sealant offers a water tight seal coating that won’t sag nor drip Coating will not sag or drip. Its combines well with paint to give a smooth finish on the surface where used.

This sealant is great for gutters roofs, flashing ductwork, pipe drains and even concrete. It can be used to fill gaps small holes and cracks around your house. It can be used for both internal and external use as it’s water resistant.

4. Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Latex High-Performance Caulking Sealant

If you are looking for a caulk that can be used on a number of different materials, look no further. Sashco Big Stretch Acrylic Latex caulk will give you a permanently waterproof and weatherproof seal that will last long without cracking or becoming brittle.

Sashco Big Stretch waterproof works well even on difficult surfaces such and is compatible with many other building materials. It is paintable and easy to apply without leaving a mess to clean up. The ability to withstand extreme heat and moisture and remaining elastic through makes it ideal for exterior use to seal window frames.

3. Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone

This high quality, multi-purpose acrylic latex caulk plus silicone is very flexible and durable adhesive. It give a strong hold and can be used for external use to protect against elements. It can be painted on and is mildew resistant.

This all use caulk is very long lasting without cracking or bending and comes with a 35 year durability guarantee.

2. Dap 18126 Black Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone 10.1-Ounce

This medium duty sealant is great for doing repairs around your house and is recommended for internal use where you need a strong hold that isn’t exposed to the elements. Use it to repair leaks and cracks in the bathroom or windows. It is flexible and wont cake easily giving you a lasting solution for leaks. This cured caulk is mildew and moisture averse and can be painted over.

1. Rust-Oleum 265495 11-Ounce Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Sealant

Rust-Oleum leak seal gives a protective coating that fill in cracks to prevent leaks. It provides a water-tight, flexible seal that prevents moisture penetration. It is easy to use and dries to smooth firm finish that you can put paint on.

Use this quality caulk for gutters roofs and plastic drains around your house to keep the leaks away. It won’t crack, shrink or peel when exposed to seasonal temperature variations.


Caulk is used to fill cracks or gaps around windows, doors, plumbing and pipes to prevent water or bugs from entering your home. If you are looking for great quality caulk that won’t disappoint and will last long, the list above gives you options to choose from. Get your next caulk for repairs from this list.
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