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Review of Men`s Fashion Week Paris January 2017

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Paris 2017 Fashion Week captured fashion trends for men covering various occasions as well as situations. However, there was a focus on the youth, the fashion design for right about everyone to adopt. It featured dope street styles, dream collaborations, as well as sparkling collections. These styles originated from some of the best designers in the industry.

The haute couture shows were also incorporated in the men’s fashion trends in Paris. This represented the styles that are customized or personalized. Though the styles here will not take to the street for casual wear, they left the crowd agape.

Sparkling Collections

The trend was in plenty of glamour and flamboyance from the Sparkling Collection. Gone are the days when individuals thought that men’s trends should tone down. The Pigalle brand was in plenty offering outfits from casual all the way to official and evening wear. From the toned down colors to the colorful range, they did not disappoint on this collection. The focus was on the more high-end looks with something to meet the desired official look.

The Sparkling Collection ventured into some experimental looks that you are bound to see in the next trend for casual wear. This is more so within performers and social figures.

Dream Collaborations

Looking at Dream Collaborations, you will definitely see a blend of two trends making the best of what fashion has to offer. The two designers, Louis Vuitton and Supreme combined efforts and the product was nothing short of amazing. They focused on an all rounded look comprising of apparel, footwear, as well as accessories so you never have to go wrong. This has played well for casual as well as evening wear. It may not necessarily stand out for official wear but with a little tweaks here and there, you can borrow some trend aspects to complete an official look.

The accessories range from key chains, wallets, gloves, as well as scarves. Keenly, you will notice two distinct footwear styles adopted. The men’s fashion was keen to highlight leather and denim in this collaboration. In the sporty section, a neat baseball shirt took center stage. With an array of color choices, this selection is highly recommended for different fashion thirsty teens. This also makes it possible to meet the likes and preferences of a wider target market.

Street style

The street style showcased some crazy trends and outfits. The craziest of this category was from a well renowned designer, Rick Owens. Following this year’s street look, you will notice the dark and pun combination. While some designs seemed composed, many will leave you guessing what the designer what thinking of when designing it. Street style was more evident in this year’s, men’s Paris Fashion even among other designers. Street style that cannot go unmentioned include the Zany collection and the Kubo.

Themed Outfits

Themed outfits were in plenty especially with the change of the United States president. Designers such as Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia mentioned the swearing in of the United President. Other themes such environmental concerns were evident. The major themes rotated around political views and social well-being. Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia could not help but venture into a corporate-casual menswear collection with a touch of political finish.

Designers who addressed environmental concerns included Carol Lim as well as Umberto Leon. They incorporated natured related prints such as corals, floral patterns, as well as glaciers. This duo have worked together before but what they highlighted make them stand out.

Some brands including Juun J, Sacai, as well as Yohji Yamamato made the functional outdoor clothing. Some inspirations highlighted a combination of some street flavor as well as a military touch. Evidently, the presence of colored geometric prints, stripes especially horizontal, as well as shapes such as starts combine to comprise the positive Givenchy Collection.

Men’s fashion Paris Fashion week has something to suit the different needs, likes, and preferences of different individuals. The several trends cover varying occasions. Whether you are headed out to the office, an evening out, outdoor fun, or nightclub for a party, the 2017 collection has you covered. Some styles seem a little out of this world but when combined by the designers with other accessories, they stand out to please your eye. The above are reviews of men’s Fashion Week Paris January 2017 styles to watch out for.
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