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The Correct Way to Use Dough Mixer

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Mixing dough for your pastries has become easier and faster with the help of a mixer. You no longer need to use your hands only to end up with the wrong consistency. A mixer will not only ease and quicken the entire process, but it also ensures that your consistency is accurate. However, you must ensure that you do it right for you to get the right results for your dough mix. In addition, a mixer will feature different hooks, which will provide varying results.

Dough mixers come with varying features that help them deliver on functionality. By understanding what they each do, you will be able to use it effectively for best results. Depending on the results you want, you will be able to pick the right speeds to incorporate as well as the hook size and ingredients to use. In addition, you must understand how to assemble it to prevent any accidents. The key aspects to consider will include:

• Assembly of the dough mixer

Before anything else, it is important that you assemble the dough mixer by placing the bowl in position and for those that use electricity to run must be plugged in. Ensure that the bowl is in the right position and that it locks in place when turning it on the clamping plate. While placing it, ensure that the speed control is OFF.

• Using the right attachment

Dough mixers come with different attachments including a flat beater, wire whip, as well as a dough hook. All these have specific functions and they will mix different ingredients. When attaching the attachment, ensure that the flat speed control is off. Tilt the motor head backwards and place the attachment on to the beater shaft and press it in as far as you can and turn it to ensure it stays in position.

• Lock the motor head

Lock the motor head by ensuring that it is completely down and place the lock in position to prevent any accidents. Test it before starting to mix your ingredients just to be safe. To test, try to lift the head and if it fails, you are ready to start mixing. N/B: Before anything, ensure that the speed control is at the lowest speed.

Quick Guide on Which Attachment Mixes Which Dough

• The flat beater is used to prepare normal to heavy mixes for pastries such as cakes, creamed frosting, cookies, candies, biscuits, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, as well as pies.

• A wire whip is used to for mixtures require incorporation of air such as eggs, heavy cream, boiled frosting, sponge cakes, angel food cakes, mayonnaise, as well as some candies.

• A dough hook serves the purpose of mixing and kneading yeast dough for baking bread, coffee cakes, rolls, as well as buns.

• Mixing your ingredients

With everything in position, it is time to start mixing your ingredients. Always start with your dry ingredients and simply turn on the mixer for just a few seconds to turn the ingredients into one. Keep in mind that this must be done at the lowest speed.

Add the liquid to the mixture whether it is water or milk gradually to ensure that you are not going to spill your ingredients. Once the mixture comes together, it is time to increase the speed to the next level. Stop at least twice to scrap off the mixture from the side of the bowl using a spatula or blunt object.

• Do not put your hand in when the mixer is operational. Only test the consistency after turning off the dough mixer to prevent accidents

• Turn the mixer off, remove the bowl, then pour out your mixture Once your dough is ready, you can turn the mixer off. Always remember to time yourself so you do not over beat/ mix your dough. Always shut down the mixer then remove the bowl. For mixtures that were light, you can pour out to the right containers. For the mixtures that were compact, simply use the hook to pull it out and into the right container.

• Always clean after use

Never leave your dough mixture without cleaning it. Always clean it and dry it before storage. In addition, never store it while assembled.

The above is the right way to use your dough mixer to ensure your safety as well as provide you with the right dough consistency to prepare your foods.
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