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The Ultimate Buying Guide: Best Crankbait Rods Reviews

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The best crankbait rod is dependent on an individual’s needs, wants, and preferences. However, with so much to choose from in the market, a number of crankbait rods have gained popularity and for the right reasons too. To help you identify your ideal crankbait rod, the following guide covers all the important aspects to look into and some of the best crankbait rods in the market.

What does the market have to offer?

Investing in a crankbait rod and not just any rod, will come in handy in boosting a cast as well as accuracy when setting bait. However, the market offers a variety of brands and models with the aim of meeting different objectives and goals as required by different anglers. They come in different sizes, lengths, materials, as well as construction. The designs vary in an effort to meet varying preferences.

Anglers, depending on the where they fish and why they fish can find the best crankbait rod that will not only ease the process but also deliver on performance and functionality. The manufactures are looking to remain competitive and offer added features to meet specific goals. In this, it is advisable that you understand the key features of a crankbait rod before settling for one. You will be able to point out the strengths of each crankbait rod in the category you are looking to buy thus pointing you in the right direction for the best purchase.

Why not use just any fishing rod?

The key objective of investing in a crankbait rod is to deliver on performance. Just like spoons where you have a soup spoon, serving spoon, tea spoon, or a table spoon, using the right spoon maters a great deal in an effort to ease and quicken your eating or drinking. This also applies to fishing rods. You are looking to obtain the just the right power and action to deliver on performance.

What are the factors to consider when selecting the best crankbait rod? When looking at what the market has to offer, several crankbaits all promise to deliver on functionality. However, keep in mind that being the best is a relevant to different needs and preferences. Remember, one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. To guide you, the following are key considerations to look into before settling for a crankbait rod.

• Rod length

On average, a crankbait rod will measure between 61/2 feet and 8 feet. This will determine your accuracy and casting capabilities. A longer rod allows for longer casts making it ideal to reach greater depths over a longer period.
On the other hand, a shorter rod tends to boost accuracy. This is even better when it comes to fishing in compact places as the pull is firmer.
There is also the aspect of portability. It is easier to transport shorter rods especially when the available space is limiting.

• Rod action

Rod action is measured in rating including slow, moderate, moderate fast, fast, and extra fast. With this in mind, you will need to understand what these ratings mean. This refers to where the rod will flex with its blank. A rod that will flex at the tip of the rod is rated as a fast action rod. On the other hand, flexing on the middle of the blank refers to a medium action crankbait rod while that which will flex at the butt section is referred to as a slow action crankbait rod.

• Rod power

The market rates rod power in terms of extra heavy, heavy, medium heavy, medium, medium light, light, as well as ultra light. This is dependent on your fishing target. The larger and heavier the fish you are looking to fish out, the heavier your fishing rod should be in an effort to sustain the weight of the fish in question.

• Line strength

Line strength can either be heavy or light. A heavy line will help to uphold fighting power when the fish put up a fight. On the other hand, a lighter line allows for further casting which in turn allows your crank bait to run deeper.

Do I need different rods when in salt water and freshwater?

When selecting the best crankbait rod to meet your application, you will realize that fresh water rods are also suitable for use in saltwater without disrupting the functionality of the rod. In addition, it does not affect delivery on performance.

Top 5 Crankbait Rods Reviews

While all crankbait rods promise to deliver, it is evident that they all cannot deliver to meet the same objectives. In his, there are different rods that will help meet the needs and preferences of different individuals. The following are some of the best crankbait rods the market has to offer that will meet different goals. The cover different brands and models so you do not have to compromise on quality or preference.

1. Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam KVD Cranking Rod

This rod takes on the first position because it gathers some of the best features to feature as an all rounded cranking rod. This is due to its average ratings with a power of medium heavy, a medium heavy action, and a length of about 7’ 4” that will easily send your crankbait across the waters. This ratings boost diversity thus allowing fishers to take on varying depths. It is made from fiberglass and graphite, which boosts backbone strength as well as sensitivity. In an effort to boost durability, it comes with an EGC construction.


• It allows for deeper diving baits thanks to its length • Its 7.4” length provides for an amazing casting distance allowing you to have better coverage • It is light in weight thus preventing wrist or hand fatigue which in turn allows you to fish over longer periods to your satisfaction • Its ECG construction makes it durable and strong so it can serve you in the long-term • It is affordable amongst its direct competitors so you do not have to break the bank just to own it.


• It is important that you handle it with care and deliver on maintenance to ensure its remains durable

2. Ardent Denny Brauer Crankbait Fishing Rod

If you are looking to fish with medium or large crankbaits, this is an important consideration due to its medium heavy power rating and 7.6” length. Its sensitivity is increased with a fast action rating against its power rating. With the capability to use it with right about any type of crankbait fishing, this boosts diversity allowing anglers the opportunity to pick varying fishing spots. It comes with IM8 graphite construction, which contributes towards ensuring its durability. It also features cork split grips that boost high performance.


• Its slow action prevents unnecessary hang-ups while at the same time aims at improving hook sets
• It boosts versatility as it allows you to incorporate medium as well as large crankbaits without compromising on performance and functionality
• It is diverse allowing for not only crankbaits but also jerk baits which is a key feature for anglers who love fishing in different waters
• It is strong and durable thanks to its IM8 graphite construction so it can serve you in the long-term.
• It has the ability to support more than 2 Oz making it reliable and efficient in its category


• Casting over short distances can be a challenge due to its great rod length

3. Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crank Bait Rod

This is ranked as one of the best s-glass crankbait rods that deliver on great quality. With an action rating of moderate fast and power rating of medium, it boosts it performance greatly. It features a rubber handle ensuring that you have a firm grip. In an effort to improve its balance and reduce the weight effect, it features a split-handle design. With an action rate of moderate fast and a power rate of medium, definitely a crankbait rod that will serve you in the long-term. In an effort to boost strength, sensitivity, as well as its lifting power, it comes with an s-curve blank construction. It is also reliable in improving your casting distance thanks to its zirconium guides.


• The handle offers a firm grip thanks to its revolutionary molded rubber handles so you can hang on to your fish even when it is a struggle
• It is reliable and strong to help deliver on performance and functionality in the long-term thanks to its three layers of connective fiber
• With a firm grip and a better hand feel, its strength is outstanding and it offers a balance between hooking in your catch


• It works great only with small to medium crankbait thus acting as a limiting factor

4. Dobyns Rods 704CB GLASS Champion Series Fast Glass Crankbait Rod

This rod is recommended as one of the best rods for smaller crankbaits. It is made from high modulus graphite blanks to help deliver on functionality. A medium moderate fast action rod rating makes it super light as well as super sensitive and strong which boosts its performance. This will allow you to target small crankbaits with ease. With this combination, it is a well-balanced rod to help you attend to different crankbait objectives. Thanks to its flex, you can enjoy cranking while still keeping the bait in place. It is highly recommended for beginners in the sport.


• It remains strong despite being light in weight making it ideal for fishing over longer periods while eliminating fatigue
• It offers a coverage of up to 10 feet thanks to its length so you can explore wide waters without disturbing the waters
• It will serve you in the long-term thanks to its durable and strong high modulus graphite blanks
• It remains flexible with the aim of delivering on ease of use. This also boosts ease in casting without using too much energy


• It is only ideal for smaller crankbait which takes it off the grid for many professionals as it cannot target heavy fishing

5. St. Croix Avid Series Crankbait Rod

This is recommended for bigger deep diving crankbaits thanks to its heavy power rating. It is made from high modulus SCII graphite to boost on durability as well as functionality. To further boost durability, you will appreciate the workmanship it comes with. This will allow you to keep fishing and for those looking to hook plenty of fish will love this crankbait fishing rod. In addition, this rod makes it easy and fast to set the hook as well as cast a mile. It is diverse allowing you to hook even big fish. It also reaches out into deep depths. It may not be very light but it remains flexible and in addition to its heavy power rating, you can take on any fish fighting power.


• It will serve you in the long-term thanks to its outstanding workmanship and its high modulus SCII graphite material that is also strong
• The ease in setting the hook makes it fast to complete the entire process
• You can easily take on large fish with ease thanks to its heavy power rating and moderate action
• Its length makes it easier to cast far and wide to handle big fish as well as mid-size baits


• It is not suitable for tight waters as it is rather long


The above guide will help you understand what to look for in the best crankbait rod that will ideally meet your needs, wants, and preferences. In addition, it has outlined some of the best crankbait rod reviews. When looking for a versatile crankbait rod that will cover a wider selection of bait, the Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam KVD Cranking Rod. Its features make it an all rounded, it is strong and durable thanks to its ECG construction yet light in weight to prevent fatigue. It comes with a medium heavy power rating, a medium heavy action rating, and a length of 7’ 4” that will allow you take on deep waters. Its durability and sensitivity allow you to capture large bait.
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