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Massage Canes: Reviews and Buyers Guide

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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On more than several occasions, you will feel a strain on your muscle when seeking to lift something or stretch out to reach something. You will be looking relieve muscular tension stiffness as well as soreness from the affected area. The choice of working with a massage cane is ideal. This is because it will address your concerns immediately with positive results. You no longer have to wait for someone to help you massage you.

What is a massage cane?

A massage cane is a physical therapy product that aims at helping to relieve sore muscles by placing the right amount of pressure on specific areas such as the back, neck, arms, as well as legs. Some have the ability to address your hip muscles depending on the added features they come with in addition to its pressure points. The key added advantage is that a massage cane will help you to reach those difficult to reach areas by yourself. They meet their function through insertion of deep pressure on the affected area.

The Different Types of massage canes and their functions

There are majorly two types of massage canes. Their key difference is in how they deliver on functionality. They all seek to deliver on similar objectives but they work differently to do so. These include:

• Treatment balls massage canes

This type of massage canes are responsible for asserting the necessary pressure at given points of the body. These balls serve as pressure aids that restore muscle function. The number of treatment balls will differ depending on the number of areas you need to reach.

• Knob massage canes

This type of massage canes has knobs that serve the purpose of providing enough pressure in an effort to boost blood circulation in the desired/ affected area.

Massage Cane Brands

There are a number of massage cane brands in the market all-promising to deliver on functionality. The popular brands include:
• Thera Cane
• Body Back Buddy
• Sivan Health and Fitness
• Nayoya Wellness
These brands have received positive feedback from both consumers as well as medical experts. Their massage canes are result-oriented.

Benefits of owning a massage cane

Massage canes play a great role in providing therapeutic solutions. The following benefits stand out for anyone owning a massage cane.

• Easily portable

A massage cane comes with relatively small dimensions making it easy to store away when not in use. In addition, they are also foldable so they occupy less space especially when they travel. This makes it your ideal travel companion when seeking therapeutic solutions.

• Does not require extra space for storage

Massage canes do not require that you create space to store it in your home or office. Every cane can fit into your already existing space. This is because they come with small dimensions and many are foldable to fit into your home or office drawer. When on the move, it will easily fit into your backpack.

• You can perform effective massage by yourself

Many a times, performing a massage to oneself can be a hectic affair. With advancement in technology, it is evident that a massage cane allows you to effectively carry out a massage without any assistance. The experience is relaxing and you do not have to strain.

• Recover fast from overexertion

It offers a soothing effect while at the same time penetrating the affected areas so you recover fast from muscle tension ailments.

• You do not needs drugs thus free from any medical risks

It offers an effective method of relieving pain and strain without the need of taking drugs. It is medically risk free.

• You can reach hard to reach areas with ease

A massage cane comes with the benefit of allowing you reach areas that would have been impossible for you to reach as an individual. This will include your back, neck, as well as legs. They provide a definite reach thus eliminating general massages that may not address your specific needs.

• It is cost effective

A massage cane is cost effective in two ways. First, you will not need to hire an expert to help you provide an effective massage session to help relieve and relax your tense muscles. Secondly, they are relatively cheaper as compared to other products out in the market. It acts as a long-term solution that will serve you any time you need it. With a one off payment to purchase it, you can then use it at any time without compromising on your health.

What to look for when buying a massage cane

Massage canes come with different features and it is important that you select one that will meet your needs and wants. When looking to buy a massage cane, it is best that you look into the following features.

• Weight and dimensions

These considerations seek to boost portability as well as storage. Depending on where you intend using it, it is best that you find one that will meet this objective. If you intend travelling with yours, find one that is foldable for it to fit with your luggage.

• Flexibility

Keep in mind that you intend to use your massage cane to reach areas that are not easy to reach with your own hands. You therefore, need a flexible cane that will not easily break or snap when inserting pressure to the affected area.

• Availability of treatment balls

With advancement in technology, massage canes have with the inclusion of treatment balls. These vary in number with the most effective holding 6 treatment balls. These are responsible for asserting the necessary pressure at given points of the body.

• Knob availability and the number of knobs

Some massage canes feature knobs that seek to control pressure to help get rid of knots, muscle tension and aches.

Individuals who work out as well as those who simply get through a day’s routine need to invest in a massage cane. This will help to relieve soreness, tension, as well as knots on different parts of the body with ease. By understanding the popular brands and the considerations to put in place, you will be able to identify the ideal massage cane that will deliver on functionality to meet your needs.
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