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Guide to Shopping for Satin Bedding

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Satin beddings ooze elegance, comfort, and class. There are very few things that are more luxurious than satin bedding. Satin beddings are shiny, soft, and very durable. The soft satin material engulfs a sleeper into a comfortable and warm cocoon, as they drift off to dream land. Satin sheets bring true luxury to the bedroom, transforming any ordinary looking room with the classic beauty of the material. But as any other type of bed linen, sati doesn’t stay clean for long. In fact, satin bedding require more care than regular sheets because of the weaving of the satin and the many different materials it comes in such as polyester, nylon, silk, or acetate.

How to care for satin bedding

The one most important thing to keep in mind is that Satin made of silk or acetate fades quickly when placed under direct sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight at all times. You can place a blanket or comforter over your sheets during the day or close your blinds if your room faces the West.

Storing your sheets is also different from regular ones. Place your satin sheets in an airtight container and store in a cool place – with the rest of your bed linens. Remember to let them air out before usage to retrieve their freshness. You can add a sachet of any mixed scented flower in the container for a sweeter, fresher smell.

Do not wear any metals at nighttime because they can snag in the fabric.

Satin weaving is very fragile. Avoid heat because it can break the fibers down and reduce your linens durability and look. Acetate is especially fragile to heat; store your heater far away from your bed.

When it comes to washing time, follow the care tags on your satin bedding. For best care, it is advised to follow them to a tee. In case there are no tags, you can:

• Wash the sheets in cold water either by hand or in the delicate cycle

• Use soft specialized detergents to wash – you can find them at your local store

• Shake the clean linens to remove excess water and finally hang to dry – Do not wring them

• Never put your satin beddings in a dryer because of the heat

When to use satin beddings

These bedding can be used on very many occasions:

Due to their unusual softness and coolness, they are perfect for a warm summer night. The sheets do not stick to the skin but instead glides over your damp skin providing just the perfect amount of heat. They also tend to retain heat during the cold seasons as well. They are the perfect bedding choice for all seasons

If you suffer from allergies, then these beddings can help you greatly.

If you have dry and itchy skin, then you need to get yourself a pair of satin sheets immediately. They are very comfortable against bare skin and do not irritate sensitive skin due to their effortless feel.

If you have insomnia, try replacing your hard cotton bedding with a satin sheet set. They will provide you with great comfort like you have never experienced before

Due to their comfort and softness, these bed linens tend to automatically put your body in a happier, more relaxed place. The sheets have been known to act as the perfect stress reliever.

These bedding also known to minimize hair matting and breakage that tends to result from sleeping on a cotton-covered pillow. Satin pillowcases are said to extend the life of your hairstyle and helps the hair retain its moisture.

Difference between satin and Egyptian cotton bedding

➢ Satin sheets feel soft and have sheen to them when new, while Egyptian cotton sheets soften over time.

➢ Satin bedding is woven from long-fiber threads that are then mercerized. Mercerizing strengthen the fibers and makes them more durable. Egyptian cotton bedding is woven from a cotton plant Gossypium Barbadense found in Peru and the West Indies. The long thin fibers derived from the plant do not pill, as the plant produces no lint. When properly cared for, Egyptian cotton linens can last a decade.

➢ Satin bedding are very breathable and a perfect choice for anyone suffering from allergies. They are also suitable for any season. Egyptian cotton beddings are also breathable and a good choice if you suffer from dust allergies.

➢ Satin bed linens are very thin when compared to Egyptian cotton beddings.

All in all, both fabrics have much to offer and the choice comes down to your budget and your personal taste.

How to choose satin bedding

When you are looking for the best satin sheets for your bed, the below considerations are very important;

Price – When it comes to satin beddings, what you pay for is what you get. This means that if you want quality bedding, go for expensive sets as they are made from better fabrics and they also tend to have a higher quality stitching

Seam – It is best to look for satin bedding that’s seamless. Stitching tends to shrink and wear out over time. Good satin fabric comes from specialized factories that have the machines necessary to weave seamless sheets.

Weave – Do not buy Knit materials. Look for sheets that have “Woven” fabric. Woven fabric sheets have a higher thread count, are smooth, and silky soft as opposed to the Knit materials, which tend to be rougher.

Fabric – Satin sheets are made from different fabrics mentioned above. Nobody really knows the best fabric because we al have different opinions. Nylon fabric is very strong and machine friendly. It is the thickest of all the fabrics and is petroleum based. Polyester is softer than nylon but is also petroleum based. Polyester satin sheets are easy to care for and last longer. Silk has a very soft and smooth feel. They have the highest thread count and are the most expensive option. They also require the most care because they can tear more easily.

Below are links to the best satin bedding in the current market. Next time you are in the market for new bed linen, simply click on any of the below links:

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