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Guide to buying Duvets 2016

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The market is crowded with duvets. It is however, important to note that they all seek to deliver different objectives. In this they are made from different materials, different fillings, as well as with varying warmth capabilities (togs). To help you narrow down your search, the following is a guide to help toy find the ideal duvet to meet your specific needs and preferences.

• Understanding the different togs

Togs refer to the measure of warmness a duvet offers. This will not only depend on your individual preference but also on the season at hand. To help narrow it down, duvet indicated with a 4.5 tog are ideal for summer, 9 tog are ideal for spring as well as autumn, and a 13.5 tog is designed for winter. The key is that the higher the tog number, the warmer it is.

• Selecting the filling

There are different fillings and it is important you understand what is what to help settle for one. These include:

- Feather and down

This offers a more natural feel; it is very comfortable, warm, and breathable. They come in ratios and the higher the ratio; the duvet is lighter as well as loftier. Keep in mind that light does not necessary mean it is cooler. Consider leaning between the more popular down from Sweden or Hungary due to their ability to keep you warm even in cold weather. The market offers down filling, feather fillings, as well as a blend of both feather and down fillings.

The feathers also vary depending on where they are from but are majorly duck feather/down duvet or goose down duvets. Though feathers are a great option and they will guarantee you warmth, it is important to note that you had better be ready to shake it into shape every time you spread your beddings. This is because it losses shape when in use. It is also important that you care for it so it does not start to lose feathers thus thinning out.

- Wool

The advantages of choosing wool filling are its elasticity as well as crimped nature. This makes it a fuller fill that makes it possible to retain air. This makes it easy maintenance, as it is hypoallergenic. This means that you will not have to worry about mites and bugs. In addition, it is dirt resistant, eco-friendly, as well as resilient.

- Natural silk duvets

This is a preference for the luxurious target market. Key advantages to look out for include being breathable, hypoallergenic, as well as strong to serve you in the long-term. However, do not expose it to frequent washes, as it tends to lose it natural features. For best comfort results, use this duvet with a pair of silk sheets as well.

- Micro fibre

There is also the option to go for synthetic filling with microfiber. Before buying one, ensure it is soft and with a fuller effect. The downside is that it will flatten easily as compared to the above fillings. These can also be treated with anti-allergy chemicals so individuals suffering from allergies can enjoy their comfort.

- Hollow fibre

The synthetic hollow fibre duvet option is thicker while its strands are hollow as compared to the microfiber duvet. The duvet retains its structure and provides a greater loft. Some are treated with anti-allergy chemical making them ideal for persons suffering from allergies.

• Duvet size

When searching for a duvet to buy, it is important that you consider the size of your bed. Your duvet should be able to cover it without the need to keep pulling especially after covering yourself. Duvets are designed to meet the standard measurements of the different bed sizes. However, for those who love to cover the entire bed, it is advisable that you consider the next size of duvet for your bed.

The above are factors to put into consideration when shopping for a duvet. In an effort to meet the different needs, wants and preferences of different individuals, it is important that you understand what makes the duvets in the market different. Keep in mind that you are looking to ensure you meet your needs while at the same time ensuring that you do not surpass your budget. The above guide will help you settle for the best duvet.
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