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Top 5 Best Baby Play Yard In 2016 Reviews

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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1.Baby Playpen Kids 14 Panel Safety Play Center

This baby playpen yard is designed to keep children up to the age of 4. It has 14 panels that are interchangeable which means that you can increase or decrease the size of the playpen. In an effort to ensure that your baby has something to do, it comes with a picture house, a play phone, as well as spinning balls. This way you can perform other activities as your baby plays.

It also boosts safety as the door has a safety lock so your baby remains within the perimeter at all costs. The panels come in different bright colors. This provides a fun environment for your baby as well as a learning expedition for older babies between 21/2 and 4 years. Other than teaching color, you can also teach on shapes as you can create different shapes.

2. North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate

If you are looking for a playpen that can be used indoors and outdoors while ensuring it remains strong and durable, this is the playpen to consider. This is because the panels are made of metal. In addition, the panels are 6 in number. Yu can extend the playpen with the two panel extensions. In addition, they are adjustable so you can increase or reduce the size of the playpen depending on the age of your baby. Being able to remove them also makes it easy to transport it from one point to another with ease.

In ensures your baby’s safety thanks to the childproof double locking system. It is recommended for toddles and this ensures that she remains in the pen as long as you need. In addition, consider the 30’es height when buying it to ensure that your baby is not tall enough to climb over it.

3. Giantex 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen Baby Kids Playpen

This playpen is recommended for children who are active and parents who need some time to take care of some home cleaning while ensuring your kid is busy and safe. It can hold children of up to 4 years old. The material is safe for children so you do not have to worry if they lick off the panels. It comes with different colors that are bright. This ensures that it captures and retains your baby’s attention so she wants to stay in the panel.

It is large enough to leave play toys in the panel without cramping all the space. You can also invite a playmate over for younger baby. The gate ensures safety so you child will not leave without your knowledge. It is easy to clean after so your baby will always have a clean environment as they play.

4. North States Superyard Ultimate Play Yard

Whether you love the outdoors or the indoors, this baby play yard will serve both options. It consists of 6 removable and adjustable panels. This makes it easy to transport it from one point to another. In addition, you can also reduce and increase its size depending on the space available. It also features optional panel extension to create more space especially if your baby is entertaining a guest/playmate.

The door remains locked to ensure your baby does not crawl out or leave the room. This in turn ensures your baby’s safety. This is because it comes with a dual lock as well as enables you to handle it with just one hand as you hold your baby with the other making it easy to handle. With no need to assemble the panels but o just click them in together; every parent can have a playpen in no time without any necessary expertise.

5. Dreambaby Brooklyn Converta 6 Panel Play-pen

For parents who travel frequently, this baby playpen comes in handy, as it is easily portable. In addition, you can also change the position of the pen depending on where you need to be in your house. It has 6 panels and an easy to use gate. It is ideal for toddlers. The gate is also spacious enough to enable easy access into and out of the pen.

It also delivers on durability and stability so it remains erect when in use as the pens are made of metal and fabric. This also makes it easy to clean and maintain. When not in use, you can easily fold it for storage requiring little space. It also ensures safety as long as your child is in the playpen. As they play, they can also watch you through the spaces therefore, leaving your baby comfortable and at peace.
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