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2016 Guide - Best Ice Shaver Machine

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An ice shaver machine will keep your summer cool allowing you to make the best of your favorite icy drinks. With the advancement in technology, the best ice shaver machines operate electronically to help boost efficiency as well as convenience unlike the manual ice shaver machines. They come with different capabilities, which seek to deliver on different needs, wants, and preferences. You can flavor your drinks with syrup or choose to make your own flavors. Bottom line is that you do not compromise on durability and functionality. Below are the top best ice shaver machines the market has to offer.

Best Ice Shaver Machine Reviews

1. Ivation IS80 Electric Ice Shaver

The Ivation IS80 Electric Ice Shaver seeks to deliver on functionality as well as durability. It is an ideal ice shaver for home use as it is easy to operate. With the choice to choose between colors, you can match your kitchen décor. While it is easy it use, do not allow children to operate it without a grown up around to supervise. The following key features come in handy in ensuring it meets your wants, needs, and preferences.
• It is made of stainless steel blades with an 80-watt motor
With a powerful 80-watt motor, it will shave your ice fast in addition to the stainless steel blades hat boost efficiency.
• Features a compact design
Its compact design makes it easy to handle. In addition, it fits into a little space in the kitchen.
• It allows for flavoring
You have the allowance to favor your ice using different syrups with this machine.
• It features an auto shut-off
If you are looking for a machine that is safe for use despite running on electricity, the auto shut-off feature comes in handy.
• It has non-skid rubber feet
To further enhance safety by preventing falls and unnecessary movement when in use, it has non-skid rubber feet that enhances stability and keeps it in position.


• It is safe for use with an auto-shut feature
• It has a compact design that is attractive and easy to use
• With a touch of the button, you have ice shavings fast
• It is stable and sturdy


• The cord may be short depending on the far your sockets are

2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Electric Shaved Ice Machine

This electric ice shaver is easy and safe to use, fun, and boosts diversity as you can create snow cones, slushes as well as other fun drinks. Its compact design cannot go unnoticed and you will love the easy clean up. In addition, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its key features combine to deliver on functionality. They include:
• It features two ice molds
This feature comes in handy to ensure that you can produce your own frozen ice blocks thus allowing you to produce enough amounts of shaven ice for your use.
• Adjustable stainless steel blades
The inclusion of adjustable stainless steel blades makes it easy to shave while at the same time boosting durability.
• Features a compact design
Its compact design provides for a unique finish that is not only appealing but also ensures that it will serve you in the long-term.
• It is easy to use with just one button
There is no complexity with this machine. It has just one button that once it is on, it will complete the shaving process.


• It is easy, fast, and fun to use
• It does not require a lot of space for storage
• You can prepare different fun drinks
• It is strong and durable to serve you in the long-term


• It can be a little noisy but since it is fast, this will not bother you in the long-term

3. Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver

This ice shaver makes it easy to make your favorite icy drinks fast. You can view the entire process through its colorless container. While it shaves ice with ease, it comes with a button for easy controlling which makes it easy to make the choice to prepare a snow cone or a slushie. The container is also marked to allow you measure the right quantity. To ensure it delivers on functionality, the following key features cannot go unnoticed.
• It comes with its mixing bowl
You do not have to find a different bowl that will perfectly fit the machine. In addition, the container is transparent so you can monitor the entire process.
• Its removable parts are dishwasher safe
Cleaning and maintenance is easy and fast as all removable parts are dishwasher safe.
• The blades cannot be accessed from the outside
This ice shaver electric machine is designed to ensure that you cannot access the blade in an effort to promote safety when n use.
• It comes complete with recipes
In an effort to ensure that you can maximize the use of this machine, it comes with several recipes for you to explore.


• It is easy to take apart and assemble
• It is easy to clean
• It has a simple yet attractive design
• Its collecting container is large boosting convenience and feature auto stir
• It is diverse and this will shave more than just ice cubes


• It is not silent but the noise is not too loud so it will not irritate you

4. Nostalgia SCM502 Vintage Collection Snow Cone Maker

This is one of the most efficient and convenient ice cube shavers in the market. While it will prepare your snow cones, it will also allow you the capability to hold them in position right after preparation. It comes complete with two plastic cones that are also reusable. This complete set allows you to enjoy your cones without worrying of purchasing more items. It is also durable to serve you in the long-term. The following are key features that make this ice shaver popular. • It has stainless steel blades
These blades are strong and shave through your ice fast and with ease.
• It has a side tray to hold two cones and an in-built shelf
These features make it easy to prepare your cones and position them before distributing them to others thus preventing a mess.
• Comes complete with two reusable plastic cones
The reusable plastic cones are convenient and make it easy to shape and distribute them. The scoopers work with the plastic cones.
• It is designed for counter-top use
It will ideally designed to fit on your counter-top thanks to its compact design.


• It is efficient and convenient to allow you prepare several cones fast
• It has durable and strong blades
• It has a compact design for easy positioning in your kitchen
• The ice quality is outstanding
• It is easy to use


• It is not designed to run over long periods without a break.
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