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Be a man

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Writer Isaac Thuku
Category Personal Article
Learn to dream
Learn to work hard
Never give up until it’s done
Set your goals in life
Come up with a good plan
Think through your plan Step by step
Expedite your plan as planned
Have a backup plan
Make sure you complete your plan

Find a woman that makes you happy
Don't listen to what others say about your woman
Don't talk to others about your woman
Be honest with your woman
Love your woman
Make your woman happy
Take care of your woman
Respect your woman
Don't let her disrespect you
Don’t let anyone disrespect your woman
Spoil your woman
Believe in your woman
Trust your woman

Love your family
Take care of your family
Believe in everything they do and say
Earn their trust of your family
Serve your family
Secure your family
Keep your family happy
Be happy
Be a man

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