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The Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Following the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya in July 2015 and officially opened by Barack Obama, entrepreneurship in Kenya has grown at an increasing rate. Businesses are no longer owned by men alone. Kenyan women have stepped up to show the nation and the world what they are made of. More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs of businesses starting from farming to Tech companies, and even Brewery firms. Below is a list of the top 5 women entrepreneurs in Kenya.

1. Suzie Wokabi – Founder and CEO of Suzie Beauty Cosmetics Company

Suzie Wokabi
Suzie started working on opening her company in 2007 after working for 6 years within the fashion and beauty industries in New York. Her line is Kenya’s first make up brand created for the African woman by an African woman. Suzie has training from MAC Cosmetics and a Media Make-up certificate from the Award Studio Make-up School in Los Angeles. She began creating her own make-up brand in 2009 and officially launched it in December 2011. Her brands have been featured in Samantha Bridals, Commercials, and her lipstick worn by the famous actress Lupita Nyon’go during a Queen Latifha show.

2. Winnie Gitau – Founder and President of Pure Health Products

Tara Gitau
After studies on wellness in the States and India, Winnie came back to her home country and started the Pure Health Products Company. The company produces, packages, and sells healthy products in Kenya. Some of the products include herbal teas, brown rice, and honey. The company hires needy people and women from slums. It also offers free childcare for its 733 employees, free education on healthy nutrition, and gives 10% of the company’s profits to its employees.

3. Catherine Mahugu - Co Founder of Shopsoko

Catherine Mahugu
Shopsoko uses simple mobile technology to empower craftswomen who are offline to online customers. The products, which include jewelry and art, are marketed online via shopsoko.com. Catherine has been involved in various ITC development projects including Stanford University’s Nokia Africa Research Design project.

4. Wanjiru Waweru Waithaka – Founder of Funkidz

Wanjiru Waweru Waithaka
She started the company 4 years ago after 11 years of running Amber Africa and Dawn of Creations. She majored in interior architecture at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Funkidz produces a wide range of furniture designs for children from ages 0-16. They are currently selling in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

5. Christine Khasina-Odero – Founder of Supamamas

Christine Khasina-Odero
Launched in 2013, Supamamas is an internet community where Kenyan moms can share any sort of information regarding motherhood. In 2013, Supamama was featured on the U.S website “The Way Women Work” as one of the top inspiring platforms in Africa.
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