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The Los Angeles Dodgers for Sports Kamp

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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The Los Angeles Dodgers, commonly known as the LA Dodgers is a professional baseball team. Their Major League Baseball affiliations are the American Association (1884-1889), the National League (1890- present), and the West Division (1969- present). The LA Dodgers club was founded in the 1883 in Brooklyn, New York. According to past sources, this baseball club has changed its name more than 10 times. From Brooklyn Atlantic's, Brooklyn Grays (derived from the fact that their jersey color was Gray at the time) to Brooklyn Bridegrooms this team has a record for the number of times the club name has been changed. According to the official team page, Brooklyn Dodgers became Brooklyn Bridegrooms after seven players got married in 1888. From past articles, it is unclear when the club changed its name to the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. However, articles mention that the team became the Trolley Dodgers because Brooklyn had many horse drawn Trolley lines soon replaced by rapid transit powered by electricity in the early 1890's. Pedestrians had to dodge these electric powered streetcars to avoid accidents. Over time, they dropped the 'trolley' from the team's name. This change became public in 1933 when the baseball team printed their jerseys with 'Dodgers' written on them. This is the same jersey print that the first African American, Jackie Robinson wore in the 1947 major leagues. The Los Angeles Dodgers were the first team to have numbers embedded in the front of their jerseys in 1952 after printing the Dodgers logo at the back of the jersey.

In 1955, the Brooklyn Dodgers matched up with the New York Yankees for the World Series, which lasted from September 28 - October 4. This was the first ever World Series to be televised in color! Under the management of Walt Alston, the Dodgers won their first World Series title that year beating the Yankees in seven games. This win was later on publicized in a nonfiction baseball book by Roger Kahn named "The Boys of Summer" in 1972. This book also landed the team their nickname 'The Boys'. This was the only series that the Dodgers would win while in Brooklyn. The team soon after moved to Los Angeles in 1958 right after the 1957 baseball season and the name Los Angeles Dodgers became permanent.

In 1959 during their second season after moving to Los Angeles, the LA Dodgers beat the Chicago White Sox in six games guaranteeing them their second World Series title. They later on went to win the World Series in 1963 against the Yankees in four games, in 1969 against Minnesota, in 1981 against the New York Yankees and their recent 6th World Series win against Oakland In 1988. Out of the 18 times, LA Dodgers have been to the World Series they have lost only 12 times only. In the National League Championship series (by definition, NLCS is a best of seven series that takes action in October in the Major League postseason, which determines the winner of the National League Pennant. The NLCS winners then get the opportunity to play against the American League Championship series(ALCS) in the World Series Major League Championship series.), the LA Dodgers have won 5 times. These wins were as follows; in 1974 against Pittsburgh (3-1 win), twice in 1977 against Philadelphia (3-1 win), in 1981 against Montreal (3-2) and in 1988 against the NY Mets (4-3).

In the National League Division series (by definition, NLDS is a two best of five series which determines which two teams will advance to the National League Championship Series), the LA Dodgers have won against Houston (1981), Chicago Cubs (2008), St. Louis Cardinals (2009) and St. Louis Cardinals (2013).

The LA Dodgers stadium in downtown LA, California began construction in 1959 and took less than 3 years to complete. It opened on April 10, 53 years ago. The LA Dodgers broke the world record of the largest single game attendance in 2008. The LA Dodgers also broke the North American record when it sold in 2012 for a whooping $2 billion- almost twice any amount paid for any pro team. During the same year, the Dodgers hired the first female lead trainer, Sue Falsone.

From being the first team to employ the first African American player, being in the first televised game in color, having won five World Series Championship series, their National league series winnings ensuring them to be the fourth best record to hiring a female lead trainer, the Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the strongest teams.

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