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Highster Mobile Spy Review

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Anyone may need to have a spy or monitoring application. The need arises mainly due to security issues or simply keeping checks in the family or an organization. These applications are able to spy on an individual's mobile activities such as texts, emails, browsing history and monitor items such as contacts, photos and much more. Whether it is your child's security and privacy, or an attempt to collect evidence or track locations by the police or an entrepreneur trying to make sure there is no breach of internal regulations by employees, spy applications have you covered. One of the best mobile monitoring applications in the market right now is Highster Mobile.

Features Of Highster Mobile

Highster has a lot of important features which are brilliant in terms of quality. These make Highster one of the best mobile monitoring and tracking applications in the market today.

• SMS text messages and iMessages

Highster keeps a record of every text message that is sent from or received by the target phone. All the details of the text message such as the time, phone numbers of the sender and recipient etc are recorded. Every text message is logged even if deleted. In addition, iMessages are also tracked.

• Emails

All details pertaining to emails received or sent on the target phone are made available to you. These logs include the details of every email conversation.

• Location

GPS locations are uploaded at a selected time interval with a link to a map. This is useful in determining the physical location of the phone and/or the owner.

• Stealth Camera

Highster can be used to activate the target mobile's camera and secretly take images and videos of the surroundings. These can be viewed online or saved to your local storage options.

• Photos and Videos

Highster helps you monitor the photos and videos being watched or shared by the target phone. This helps to keep checks in a company as well as keeping your child safe from inappropriate content.

• Call Logs

Highster Mobile logs the complete details of all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone. These include the phone numbers, time stamps and call durations. Another reason why Highster is extremely powerful is that it can retrieve the logs which have been deleted as well. The logs can be saved in PDF, TXT or DOC formats for convenience in viewing.

• Contacts

Contact lists are easily monitored using the awesome Highster Mobile software. Its impressive capabilities enable you to also spy on the target phone's calendar logs, memo and a lot more.

• Browser History

Highster tracks URLs in order to identify the browsing history of the target phone. All details are recorded and you can view them in the application's online control panel.

• Social Networking

Highster is extremely powerful when it comes to tracking communication activities. All activities on the target phone on social media and messaging platforms are monitored and as a result there you have absolute spy control of the device.

• Live Control Panel

This panel is where all details related to the target phone are accessed. They include logging options, display options, time triggers and more. The user interface and design, in general, make Highster very user-friendly and efficient in cell phone monitoring.

• Remote Uninstall

Once your monitoring is over and you wish to uninstall the software, you can do it without physically accessing the target phone through the online control panel and remotely uninstall it.

Compatibility And Installation Of Highster Mobile

The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, iDevices must be jail broken in order to install the software. Also, physical access to the target phone is also required for about 2-3 minutes.

More installation details are included in the package on purchasing.


Highster Mobile is quite simply one of the best mobile monitoring software in the market today with its endless capabilities and easy-to-use features. It certainly will not let you down.
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