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Wealth Creation through Sports

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Writer Neil Mwombe
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Kenyan Sports Statistics

Though sports is not highly regarded in Kenya it is a great avenue to wealth and job creation. There are over twenty thousand primary schools in the country and close to eight thousand secondary schools. There are over one hundred universities and university colleges in the country. Each of these institutions has learners who need a sporting skill to develop.


There are 34 summer Olympic sporting disciplines that require coaches. If each educational institution was to adopt half of the sporting disciplines, then each institution would require at least 17 coaches. In summation, these would amount to about 450,000 coaches in the country at the minimum!! If each coach were to coach 40 learners and earn KES 1000 per child, that would amount to true wealth and job-creation. Coaches in private schools would be paid directly by parents, while those in public schools would be paid through sponsorship programmes by either the government, private or non-governmental sectors.

Players anhd stake holders

Through sponsorships of tournaments and players turning professional like in athletics, the number of personnel employed in this sector could easily double or tripple. One should be bear in mind that each sport requires, nutritionists, fitness trainers and physiotherapists. Most of these disciplines involve the use of specialist equipment and kits which require maintenance and replacement or repair.

Sourcing Funds for sports

Truly, sports is a rich resource that the nation of Kenya chooses to ignore at its own peril. Sports in schools can be funded through CDF, LATF and County development funds; Ministry of Sports kitty, the National Lottery Fund, parents and development partners. All it requires is initiative, strategic planning, training programs, suitable palying fields and allocation of time for training.
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