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5 Best Free Video Editing Software

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Writer Isaac Thuku
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Why Do You Need Video Editing Software?

We live in a world that is full of videos. It is highly unlikely that a day will end before you watch a video, be it on YouTube, Vimeo or even a simple vine. With a lot of video sources and possibly similar content, it is logical that only very high-quality videos will be watched by many people.

Cameras and simple effects found in a Smartphone are not enough to produce very high-quality videos. Video editing software can create the honed and polished video project that you want in order to attract and satisfy an audience. This may be on your YouTube channel or your video blog or any other area where you receive viewers for your videos. The best video editing software that is available for free include:

1. Lightworks Free

This is a very impressive video editor. It can be used by both novices and professional video editors. Tutorials are available for beginners to watch and learn how it works. Lightworks gives you a high number of tools for editing, even in the free version. The many tools available for you to manipulate your videos mean you can produce a masterpiece.

Key features include:

- Video tutorials are available
- Lots of editing tools
- Web and second monitor output support
- Professional level editor
- Storyboard mode
- Real time titling effects
- Advanced Multicam editing
- Background import, rendering, and export
- Customizable interface


- Free version limits export to 720p
- Can be difficult for beginners
- Free version has limitations on supported file types

2. ivsEdits

This is software is completely free and one of the best in the free video editing software market. It has an easy to use interface and offers brilliant video solutions for free.

Key features include:

- Multi-camera editing
- Multiple live inputs
- Lots of editing tools
- Supports many video formats
- Modular and open architecture allowing individual external mapping within a short time


- Requires UAC to be completely off in order to run
- No titling support

3. VSDC Free Video Editor

This is fine software for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects. The program offers rich functionality and yet has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create videos with a bare minimum of efforts. It is like an advanced version of Windows Movie Maker with an easy to understand interface and a toolbar containing a large number of editing options.

Key features include:

- Conversion tool for converting audio and video formats
- Non-linear editor allowing positional sequencing and size allocation
- Built-in DVD burning tool
- Video capturing


- Beginners may find it a bit difficult
- Some features need better explanation

4. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free open-source program designed for multi-purpose video editing and processing, which can be used on almost all known operating systems and computer platforms. It is ideal for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.

Key features include:

- Video converter
- Supports many file types
- Lots of export options


- Complicated for beginners and also intermediate users
- Only one video clip can be loaded at a time
- Lacks intuitive flow to the editor

5. Windows Movie Maker

Perhaps the most common video editor to any person who has ever used a Windows PC is Windows Movie Maker. Although not a powerhouse in terms of video editing, it can be used to create entertaining videos. Clips can quickly be imported and combined into a single video and theme options are available. It is good for simple and straightforward videos.

Key features include:

- Simple easy to use interface
- Themes are included
- Drag and Drop functions
- Excellent range of preset output options


- Tends to crash a lot
- Not ideal for powerful editing


The video editing software you choose depends mainly on the kind of editing you require. Windows Movie Maker is good for simple editing projects and for beginners. VSDC, on the other hand, is good for people who do not like Windows Movie Maker. However, it requires a bit of learning. The complexity of Avidemux makes it unsuitable for beginners and may very well be a better video converter than video editor. ivsEdits and Lightworks have a very wide range of editing tools and produce very high-quality videos. However, Lightworks is the best software on the list as it is a professional editor with many tools and includes video tutorials for learning.
5 Best Free Video Editing Software for upcoming entrepreneurs
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